New Period Product Dispensers Installed In All Girl Bathrooms


Thanks to Aunt Flow, Preuss’s students will have free access to menstrual products.

Johnny Carvajal, School News Writer

On Monday, May 15th, The Preuss School UC San Diego introduced Aunt Flow, a new menstrual product dispenser that is currently available in the E girl’s bathroom. The dispensers contain free pads and tampons for anyone to whom it may be convenient.

The installation of these dispensers was mandated by the state of California. They require that all public schools provide easily accessible feminine products to their students. The construction of the dispenser was free; however, the school is responsible for providing the products within the machine which is funded by the health department.

“I think it adds another element of convenience for our young ladies; it’s one less bag that they have to carry around, especially if it’s a quality product,” said Vice Principal, Ms. Agliam. “It’s a convenience and it’s free so it’s nothing they have to worry about. If there’s an ‘oops I didn’t realize I was going to start my period,’ that’s right there for them, so I think it’s something that’s definitely beneficial so long that people use the resources correctly.”

Preuss has been struggling to maintain proper bathroom care, and promptly after the installation of the dispensers, a new concern had been exposed. The products were being misused and taken advantage of.

“From an administrative mindset, we hope that all students that use those products see them as a valuable resource and not as something they can mess around with. We already had an incident this morning with the E building bathroom, one getting misused,” Ms. Agliam continued, “so we hope that while we’re providing a service students are respectful at acknowledging that it’s a service that not all schools would provide.”

Many female high school students are delighted and thankful for the Aunt Flow dispenser. Some students are most impressed by the updated technology that allows them to hover their hand over the bin to which the lid will slide open for students to discreetly dispose of the product. The dispenser is divided into two sections, one side for tampons and the other for pads. All girls bathrooms are presumed to be updated with the Aunt Flow Products within the year according to Ms. Agliam.

Aunt Flow dispensers are important to our student’s well-being, providing easily accessible feminine products challenges the issue of period poverty which is commonly associated with minority groups or people of lower economic status. Andrea is a senior who recently created a research paper addressing period poverty.

“I think it affects our school in the fact that, like for example, when they used to have the old dispensers there was never anything in it, so it was a more of an act of finding someone who could provide you with a pad or tampon or whatever you would use,” Andrea Barajas (23’) stated.

These dispensers provide a free resource that could help prevent situations in which students feel uncomfortable seeking or looking for menstrual products. Many students are relieved and ecstatic for the new additions but it is important to maintain proper care as it is a privilege that should not be taken advantage of. .