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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

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Animal cruelty has been a major topic of controversy.

More Animal Rights, No More Animal Cruelty

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer May 12, 2023

On May 6, 2023 Walk for Animals will take place at NTC Park at Liberty Station, San Diego, and on May 13, 2023, the official San Diego Animal Rights March 2023 will take place. This march will start at...

Trying your best on AP Exams DO make a difference!

AP Exams: How to Prepare and Avoid Stress

Angelina Abdelrahman, Editorial Editor May 3, 2023

Students all across the United States have been preparing for the past 9 months for the anxiety-inducing exams occurring in May. Preuss requires students in 10th grade to take AP African American Studies,...

Earth Day is one small step towards unity.

Earth Day Creates a Community Like No Other

Angelina Abdelrahman, Editorial Editor April 21, 2023

Turning on the light, using the faucet, and throwing away trash are normal tasks that we participate in every day. But we may not understand how much these tasks negatively affect the environment. Landfills...

The fear school shootings will continue loom unless there is action taken against firearms.

The Need to Minimize Gun Violence in Our Country

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer April 21, 2023

Our country has witnessed a total of 163 mass shootings in 2023 as a result of unregulated gun distribution. Gen Z has grown up in a country where there's constant lockdown drills because of the fear of...

An Updated Immigration Policy After Decades

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer April 7, 2023

For many decades, the immigration registry has opened up a process in order to let individuals living in the U.S apply for a permanent status known as a “green card”. A green card is when an individual...

The Willow Project will lead to irreversible damage if actions are not taken to counter its consequences.

Willow Project Causes Deadly Increase in Carbon Emissions

Angelina Abdelrahman, Editorial Editor April 7, 2023

The burning of fossil fuels has caused life-threatening issues for the world. For instance, increase in global temperatures has caused and continues to spark wildfires and drought, while altered water...

Seniors explore Mission Fed JA Finance Park.

College Visits Offers Insight on The Big Decision

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer March 17, 2023

College visits are important, especially during junior year. College representatives have come to Preuss earlier this year to talk about their universities, but it’s not the same as college visits because...

SAT Prep books can be picked up from Ms. Bandy (while supplies last).

The Value in Partaking in the SAT

Angelina Abdelrahman, Editorial Editor March 8, 2023

As March approaches, juniors at Preuss are pulling out the weighty 900 page book, carving an hour a day, and doing a bunch of practice problems to start frantically studying for College Board’s Scholastic...

Roses were one of the gifts prohibited from students.

Prohibition of Valentine’s Gifts on Campus

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer February 24, 2023

On February 14, Valentine's Day is celebrated all around the world. However, at Preuss it is known and celebrated as “Value Day,” where friends and peers demonstrate their appreciation and value for...

A student-made poster spreading awareness for Black History month.

Educate Students on Black History

Angelina Abdelrahman, Editorial Editor February 22, 2023

Black History Month is dedicated to celebrating and focusing our attention on African Americans' contributions to American history. This month was originally started by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, who was the...

Mask Mandate Lift: for Better or for Worse?

Mask Mandate Lift: for Better or for Worse?

Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer January 23, 2023

We have been wearing masks ever since we began school in 2021 because of feeling and being safe from the virus. On December 16, 2022 the Preuss administration announced that the mask mandate would be lifted...

Too Much, Too Fast: Shortcomings of Preuss Finals Schedule

Too Much, Too Fast: Shortcomings of Preuss Finals Schedule

Angelina Abdelrahman, Editorial Editor January 18, 2023

Universities and various high schools experience finals and ending semesters before the winter break, which results in a stress-free winter break for students. Preuss’s policy is different in that finals...

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