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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

Finals, The Benefits Developed

June 17, 2024

Now that the school year is coming to an end, it  comes with the eventual end of teaching information. However, that does not mean that the learning has stopped. The classes have turned into retaining...

Microplastics can be found in everyday items.

Microplastics Create Harmful Environment for Life

Prajyna Timalsina, Editorial Writer May 13, 2024

Plastics have become a major part of our lives. Plastics are included in toys, stores, clothes, technology, transportation, construction, medical fields, sports, clothes through fake cotton, gum, jewelry,...

Preuss Senior studying for Math course.

Preuss High School Requirements Exceed Regular Schools–and That’s a Good Thing

Julius Molina, Editorial Writer May 10, 2024

Preuss’s main goal is to make sure that their students have the classes they need to be prepared for college and to be accepted to a four-year college or university. To make sure those two things happen,...

Fabian Garcia, (25) Milki Neme,(25) and Mahlet Mekasha(25) at last years JMUN conference.

JMUN Assists In Developing Stronger Skills

Julius Molina, Editorial Writer May 6, 2024

Most freshmen at Preuss will be participating in the Junior Model United Nations (JMUN) Conference that will be held from May 29-30 at UCSD extension.  To participate, students are assigned countries,...

The Blue Line trolley approaches the UC San Diego Health La Jolla station.

Danger Increases for Preuss Students Riding the Trolley

Alexia De La Mora, Editorial Writer April 26, 2024

At Preuss, more than half of the students use the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) as their main mode of transportation to get to school and back home. Many students even use public transportation...

Baby penguin exploring its environment.

Warm Temperatures Threaten Galapagos Penguin Population

Angelina Abdelrahman , Columnist April 26, 2024

Are penguins birds or not birds? The answer is quite simple: Yes. They are considered birds but are flightless birds. There is so much confusion surrounding their species because they can swim underwater...

An art piece that represents the possibilities of our future because of air pollution.

Air Pollution Effects on Human Health

Julius Molina, Editorial Writer April 15, 2024

The world deals with so much pollution: air, water, plastic, land, light, noise, etc. 3.6 million people, on average, die from pollution. In the year 2020, there were at least 237,00 deaths of children...

Therapy dogs visit Preuss students during lunch.

Health Benefits of Pets

Alexia De La Mora, Editorial Writer April 12, 2024

Not everyone may have a pet, but for various reasons, a pet can be incredibly beneficial for one’s mental health that others just may not understand. Having a pet such as a cat, dog, hamster, or even...

Vy Ho (24) and Travis Pham (25)  represent science olympiads anatomy committee at science festival.

My Review on Science Festival

Prajyna Timalsina, Editorial Writer April 8, 2024

After participating in the Science Festival held by the Preuss School on Saturday, March 2, 2024. That lasted for three hours, from 9 AM to 12 PM. Each participating science class had to present something...

The Preuss Schools library contains books about cheetahs.

Speckled Creature at the Brink of Extinction

Angelina Abdelrahman, Columnist April 8, 2024

The cheetah jets through the 330-foot-long track at 70 miles per hour, kicking dirt in the air and impressing the large crowd watching over him. This jaw-dropping view happens at the San Diego Safari Park,...

Combating the Garbage Problem Through Recycling

Combating the Garbage Problem Through Recycling

Prajyna Timalsina, Editorial March 27, 2024

The topic that most people associate with recycling is recycling plastics. However, there are many different and unique types of recycling. These types include composting, plastic recycling, metallic recycling,...

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