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Preuss Reinstates The Headphones Policy
Preuss Reinstates The Headphones Policy
Katherine-Rose ("Katie") Acosta-Alvardo, School News Writer • November 13, 2023

The Preuss headphone policy states that no headphones are allowed on school campuses at any time. The policy was put in place so that all the scholars remained focused while school was in session. “There was always a headphone policy at the school, but for the last two years it wasn’t enforced...

SchoolYard Rap’s preforming their production Soy Asombroso, at Balboa Park!
Middle Schoolers Experience Soy Asombroso, a Celebration of Latin America
Amy Shantal Bustos November 8, 2023

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, middle school Preuss scholars visited the Balboa Theatre to watch SchoolYard Rap’s media production "Soy Asombroso", which celebrates the history of Latin America. Students got to watch dancers, including...

Coach R is in need of a basketball manager.
Attention, Manager Positions for Boys Basketball Available!
Rediet Neme, School News Writer • November 8, 2023

The boys basketball team is looking for students who have a committed mindset and are interested in taking the role of a manager. On November 1st, 2023, Preuss’ basketball held a manager’s meeting after school at 4:10pm in the Walton Center. Yenatfanta...

During the International Girl Day Celebration attendees are seen commemorating Preuss volunteers.
Girls Celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child
Rediet Neme, School News Writer • November 6, 2023

On Tuesday October 10th, the Preuss School UC San Diego held the first International Day of the Girl Child celebration ever organized in California. The celebration, open to all middle and high school girls, began at 2:30pm to 4:00pm and was held in the...

Mr. Arias (right) & Ms. Garcia (left) advisory classes compete against each other.
In Need of Head to Head Competitions
Prajyna Timalsina, Editorial • November 8, 2023

During my time at Preuss, I only recall two advisory competitions. One of the events that happened last year was the Penny Wars and the other was a scavenger hunt on the UCSD campus. The other tiny events that I remember are the events inside my advisory class which were the pumpkin carving, frosting...

An elephant being protected at the San Diego Zoo.
Illegal Ivory Hunting for Human Desire
Angelina Abdelrahman, Columnist • November 4, 2023

The African elephant has a population of 415,000 in the world which means they are less at risk than the Asian elephant with a population of 40,000. These numbers may seem high because species like the Northern White Rhino have a population of only 2...

After School Detention Obstructs Student Life
After School Detention Obstructs Student Life
Alexia De La Mora, Editorial Writer • October 23, 2023

The Hero passes are a new point system that the school uses to track students' behavior, both positive and negative. They serve as a warning for students who are tardy or out of dress code, and they also track points for good behavior, such as being helpful...

Israel and Palestine have been in constant war for decades.
Israel’s Genocide on Palestine
Angelina Abdelrahman, Columnist • October 23, 2023

On Saturday, October 7th, the military group Hamas invaded Israel from the city of Gaza. They invaded 22 Israeli cities, launched thousands of rockets, kidnapped people, burned people alive, and held them hostage in Gaza. 250 Israelis were killed and...

The Long Awaited Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie
Yaret Bolanos, Entertainment Writer • November 27, 2023

Five Nights At Freddy's was released this October 27th, 2023. Fans have been looking forward to this movie for years, as the movie is based off a popular video game franchise that gained its fame in 2014. Since the first game’s release, seven more main games have been added, along with six spin off...

McDonalds is giving free fries every Friday with every meal. | Carlos Castaneda (24)
McDonald's Announces 'Free Fries Friday'
Priscila Ambriz, Entertainment • November 6, 2023

McDonald’s has announced that they are giving out free medium fries every Friday starting October 27, 2023, up until the rest of the year. The sale is called “Free Fries Friday.” The promotion is only allowed by ordering something from the McDonald’s...

Preuss Seniors at their internship wheel at UCSD.
The Exciting Senior Internship Experience
Diego Albarran, Entertainment Editor • November 6, 2023

Senior Internship at the Preuss School UC San Diego is a required class in order for Seniors to graduate by participating in an internship program of their interest at Preuss, or the UC San Diego(UCSD) campus. Internships give students the opportunity...

FIFA announces the draws for the World Cup Qualifiers.
FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Begin
Angel Bautista, Entertainment • November 6, 2023

The Men's FIFA World Cup qualifiers have already started for the upcoming 2026 World Cup. It will start in September and end in March of 2026 hosted in three different countries for the first time ever: Canada, The United States, and Mexico. The world's...

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Boys basketball tryouts fliers can be found around school.
Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team Holds Basketball Tryouts
Hafssa Woldegiorgis, School News Writer • November 1, 2023

Tryouts for the high school boys basketball team will take place in the Walton Center on Saturday, October...

Bus Unavailability Postpones UC Riverside College Visit
Stacy Rosales, School News Writer • October 30, 2023

Being close to graduating, college advisor Ms. Bandy wanted to give juniors an opportunity to look at...

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