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Senior Wheel Rotates Once More
Christian Montalvo-Yañez, School News Writer • December 4, 2022

At the start of the school year, the Class of 2023 at the Preuss School UC San Diego were assigned to their Senior Wheel course. However as of November 8th, 2022 Seniors at Preuss would have switched to their next wheel course. In her first-trimester section, Research, Salem Salas (‘23) had to write...

Cross Country Participates In CIFSDS Championship
Johnny Carvajal, School News Writer • November 14, 2022

Our cross country team’s last meet will be at the CIF State Cross Country Championship on November 12 at Morley Field. The girls’ team runs at 9:05 AM and the boys run at 10:10 AM. Our cross country team’s first meet of the season was on September...

Class Of 2025 Attends Career Exploration Session
Marlene Rojas, School News Writer • November 9, 2022

As the class of 2025’s graduation draws near, students are set to finding the right college and career path. On October 27th, during seventh block Advisory, students headed over to the Walton Center to hold conversations with women who have made it...

Preuss Students Visit SDSU
Christian Montalvo-Yañez, School News Writer • November 7, 2022

On October 26, 2022, half of the senior class of 2023 visited SDSU to open the senior class up to more CSU college options and to gain a better understanding of what specific CSUs they would like to apply to. However many students have their own preference...

Food Deserts Impact Lives
Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer • November 21, 2022

Many citizens face the risk of hunger because of their location. There are two different types of food deserts: in an urban setting, it is declared when there is no store nearby containing fresh produce for residents at least one mile away, while for rural areas, the nearest grocery store is often about...

The Devastating Reality of Thanksgiving
The Devastating Reality of Thanksgiving
Angelina Abdelrahman, Editorial Writer • November 16, 2022

Thanksgiving is described as the centerpiece of society and American culture. The first Thanksgiving occurred in the year 1621 when the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts on the Mayflower Compact; after the Pilgrims’ first harvest in November, they participated...

The Gentrification Of Thrift Stores
Christian Platas-Sanchez, Editorial Writer • November 4, 2022

Fashion is a way younger generations express themselves. Teenagers know there will be items not many other people have. Teens also consider thrifting to be fun since friends can tag along to find very cool finds and maybe even have some bonding time....

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Rightful Distribution of Student Loan Debt Relief
Angelina Abdelrahman, Editorial Writer • November 4, 2022

President Joe Biden announced in August of 2022 the plan to relieve major student debt. This relief was planned to take effect on October 23rd, but it was unfortunately put on hold by the U.S court of appeals so they can review one of many unnecessary...

Netflix Releases All Quiet On The Western Front
Andre Gurrola Rivera, Entertainment Writer • December 7, 2022

Netflix released their remake of the movie All Quiet on The Western Front on October 28, 2022. The movie portrays the life of an average soldier during World War 1. The movie is a Netflix original with a largely unknown European cast, but despite this, is proving to contend with other well regarded war...

Hulu Releases "Don't Worry Darling"
Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Editor • November 30, 2022

Don't Worry Darling has been through a lot because there was a lot of drama behind the scenes with the cast members throughout production with behind the scenes of the movie. The movie itself was good and was different because of the different methods...

"Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" Augments Cultural Representation
Heaven Woldai, Entertainment Writer • November 18, 2022

The Black Panther series finishes off Phase 4 of Marvel with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.. Wakanda Forever introduces the death of King T’Challa while commemorating Chadwick Boseman, it explains the upbringing of Shuri to the Wakandan throne. Much...

Jeffrey Dahmer Show Terrifies A Whole New Generation
Andre Gurrola Rivera, Entertainment Writer • November 7, 2022

The Netflix mini series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” released on September 21, 2022, chronicles the life and story of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. It has been a hit among all ages with many young viewers, especially those here at Preuss being...

High School ASB Announces Homecoming Theme
Vy Thai, Design Editor • December 7, 2022

High School ASB has announced that the homecoming theme for the event on Thursday, December 15, 2022 is “Teen Titans”. The main event will...

Preuss Hosts Thanksgiving Feast
Gissell Montufar, Photographer • December 5, 2022

The annual Thanksgiving lunch happened on November 16th at the Walton Center sponsored by Helen V. Griffith. Thanksgiving lunch is a yearly...

Masking Becomes Optional At The Preuss School UCSD
Marlene Rojas, School News Writer • November 17, 2022

Masks became a big part of student’s daily lives when Corona Virus hit in 2019. When school started back up again in 2021 masks were supposed...

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