ASB Hosts Homecoming 2022 at UCSD

Johnny Carvajal, School News Editor

December 15, 2022 from 4 pm to 7 pm, The Preuss School will host this year’s Homecoming at the LionTree Arena, formally known as RIMAC. This year’s homecoming theme will be Teen Titans.

Each high school grade was assigned a Teen Titan character (excluding Beast Boy) which they need to dress accordingly to color. Freshmen were assigned Starfire, Sophomores were given Cyborg, Juniors were given Robin, and Seniors were assigned Raven.

“Yeah I like the theme,” said Hodan Abbi, “I love the Teen Titans, It’s a great show.”

Students really connected to the homecoming theme this year. The colors were selected by the class presidents for each grade. Freshman were pink, Sophomores were blue, Juniors were red, and Seniors were purple.

“It was a popular theme that was going around and everyone (ASB Committee) agreed when they suggested teen titans,” said Emmy Nong (25’).

A huge donation was made by an anonymous donor that went towards the girls basketball team. The donation impacted homecoming greatly. The donor wanted to remain anonymous until the day of homecoming. The donation was made by the Just Remember 88 Foundation.

“I would express my gratitude as they (the donor) made it possible for us to obtain and use better quality items.”

Our girl basketball team played against Valhalla High School and our Boys basketball team played against O’Farrell High School, unfortunately both teams lost the game.

Although we lost, those who attended were there to cheer on their peers. We will continue to encourage our teams at their games and we hope for them to win the next game.