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  • The last day to buy ASB Ball tickets is February 22st. Pay the full price or make a down payment!
  • Academic support will be provided at SEA on February 24th from 9-11am.
  • Interested in law? Join the Law Day at Preuss on March 9th from 10am-12pm to explore careers in this industry.
The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

Brian Ponce

My Best Preuss Memory

Brian Ponce, School News Writer June 10, 2022

Out of all the memories I created at the Preuss School UC San Diego, my joyful experience was being allowed to write music for the Shakespeare and Fall Festival. This memory begins in a single-bedroom...

Idiris Abbi

Experiences in High School

Idiris Abbi, School News Writer June 10, 2022

My experiences in high school were a rollercoaster to say the least, which is typical. I grew so much as a person during these years, from all of those good and bad experiences, whether it be drama, grades,...

Daniela Navarrete

My Preuss Experience

Daniela Navarrete, Editorial Writer June 10, 2022

My high school experience was full of ups and downs, as it often is. Despite all of the not so good stuff, I can confidently say that, if offered the chance, I would not change my decision to go to Preuss...

Jasmine Mejia

Highlights of My Preuss Experience

Jasmine Mejia, Editorial Writer June 10, 2022

I’ve been attending Preuss for seven years and joined the cross country team my freshman year. Being in cross country all of high school was helpful because it was a class that helped me destress. When...

Cristian Garcia

Two Memories in Preuss and Advice

Cristian Garcia, Editorial Writer June 10, 2022

In May of 2015, four months before starting sixth grade, I attended 6th grade orientation. Recalling the event, I was shy that day, not fully interested in what adults were saying that time, and just wanting...

Angelina Gonzalez

Bump in the Road

Angelina Gonzalez, School News Editor June 10, 2022

In 10th grade I failed the first semester of Advanced Placement (AP) European History and I was upset. I had never failed a class before, so this was very nerve wracking for me because that was something...

Mateo Duenas

Mateo’s Flashback

Mateo "Schirmsklojm" Dueñas, Entertainment Writer June 10, 2022

This is my 7th and last year at Preuss. Although I am saddened at the fact that I am leaving this community, and nervous about what awaits me in the future, I am also excited to see how much I can achieve. I...

Thien Nguyen

The Thien Express

Thien "Henit" Nguyen, Entertainment Writer June 10, 2022

Hello it’s Thien and I came here in 6th grade via my parents decision in 2015, so I’ve definitely had the full Preuss experience. However, this decision was the best decision my parents could’ve...

Nicole Tran

High School Lessons, From A Departing Senior

Nicole Tran, Editor-in-Chief June 10, 2022

As a graduating senior, I have experienced both the positives and negatives of our school. However, these experiences have taught me valuable lessons that could be applied to everyone. These lessons are...

Alex Macias

Alex’s Flashback

Alejandro "Alex" Macias, Photographer June 10, 2022

Preuss is a school unlike any other. The rigorous curriculum is something that you can’t find anywhere else. There are an unfathomable amount of times where I feel like we are getting work assigned for...

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