Two Memories in Preuss and Advice


Cristian Garcia

Cristian Garcia, Editorial Writer

In May of 2015, four months before starting sixth grade, I attended 6th grade orientation. Recalling the event, I was shy that day, not fully interested in what adults were saying that time, and just wanting to go home. Seven years later, I realize time flies so fast. Recalling all of my years, I consider my senior year as the best year as it’s my last year at Preuss.

One of my favorite experiences is being part of the Ecology Club. The tasks were simple, which was just recycling paper and plastic bottles, and this second semester we began composting. A recollection that I have is in November, which was a rainy day. My friends and I decided not to wear anything to protect us against the rain, so we did our task of recycling and collecting plastic bottles with our Preuss shirts on. I got soaked, couldn’t see because my glasses were fogged, and nearly caught a cold, but I did not regret it because it was fun to do it. The last time I did something like that was when I was eleven. Another memory is doing composting throughout the whole day.

Another experience is Journalism. I’ve considered the possibility of working as a journalist, so I thought it would be beneficial. It’s been fun because I get to choose the topic I want to write about, and while I overwrite a lot of my articles, it’s mostly because I choose topics that I’m interested in such as the recognition of Somaliland or Texas Abortion Ban.

My seven years of Preuss experience is what I consider to be one to remember. It’s been a long but short time to be in this school. Before the trolley was constructed, before the streets were re-modeled, and before we now use laptops, it makes me realize that not everything stays the same forever. I used to carry notebooks until the pandemic happened; now all I need is a laptop.

My only advice to new high school students and incoming middle schoolers is to enjoy the moments that you experience within this school, because it’ll only happen once.