High School Lessons, From A Departing Senior


Nicole Tran

Nicole Tran, Editor-in-Chief

As a graduating senior, I have experienced both the positives and negatives of our school. However, these experiences have taught me valuable lessons that could be applied to everyone. These lessons are to be involved in the community and communicate with your classmates and other students.

One lesson that I have learned from being at Preuss is to be involved within the community. For example, I am currently the President of Triton Alliance, a community service club that strives to unite the middle and high schools, and Model United Nations (MUN), whose mission is to create critical thinkers from analyzing real political issues. This could not be done without being a contributing member of the club. This means more than attending general meetings, this means attending events both inside and outside of campus. I have found that it makes my experience better as it allows me to further understand Preuss and its students. It actually helped me partially overcome social anxiety as being connected in this way allowed me to see what Preuss’s “culture” is like, or becoming.

Another lesson I learned from being at Preuss for seven years is to reach out to your classmates. This can be done in several ways such as joining clubs, joining a sports team, or even talking to the people around you in class. One of the best things about Preuss is that it’s a small community which lets people connect with each other a lot better. Although our school has an “anti-dating” culture, it often blooms because of the chances of interpersonal communication and interaction. I, personally, joined a sports team to connect with my peers and upperclassmen better. As the current captain and defense player for the Girls’ Lacrosse team, my teammates have always been people I have a soft spot for as they made me communicate in a group setting better.

Although everyone’s experience at Preuss is different, these lessons are for general enjoyment disregarding grade and home life. Through communication and outreach, many students enjoy their life at Preuss like I have. Although please take these pieces of advice into consideration when navigating through Preuss.

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