Experiences in High School


Idiris Abbi

Idiris Abbi, School News Writer

My experiences in high school were a rollercoaster to say the least, which is typical. I grew so much as a person during these years, from all of those good and bad experiences, whether it be drama, grades, anxiety, friends, family, etc. I would like to reflect upon the time where I thought my future was doomed, and was depressed and physically drained.

Over the course 2020-2021 school year, the quarantine caused all of my regular homework and workout routines to dissipate. I would frequently not show up to class, and stay in my room all day. This was draining me physically and mentally. My grades dropped like dead flies. I gained weight in a short amount of time, and overall, I did not feel like myself. My first semester in 11th grade, I finished with a 1.8 GPA, the lowest I have ever had. I had so much shame, seeing my mom disappointed in me. After that, I decided it was time to change things.

I worked hard to raise my grades, and got back into my exercise routine. I eventually raised my grades, and left the school year with a 3.8 GPA. I lost all the weight I gained, and things were finally starting to look up. I became my old self again. Fast forward to now, I am now in the midst of graduating and going to SDSU and majoring in computer science. I’m glad I experienced that, because it showed me how college is going to work. There will be no one to hold me accountable, so I learned a very valuable lesson.