Highlights of My Preuss Experience


Jasmine Mejia

Jasmine Mejia, Editorial Writer

I’ve been attending Preuss for seven years and joined the cross country team my freshman year. Being in cross country all of high school was helpful because it was a class that helped me destress. When classes were stressful I could always count on my team and the class to make me feel better. Besides being in cross country some of my favorite Preuss memories were prom, Airband, and Skateworld, which was a fundraising event the class of 2022 had before COVID-19 hit. These were some of my favorite memories because I got to spend time with my friends and the rest of my classmates. Although I’ve had some nice experiences at Preuss I’ve also had stressful times because the workload sometimes was overwhelming. Overall, my experience at Preuss was full of ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Since I am a senior some a insight I would give to those in other classes is that although there may be some bad days or bad times, there are also some extremely good days and extremely good times that have been due to Preuss. Thanks to Preuss I have met incredible friends and teachers who have really helped make my high school experience worthwhile.