The Thien Express


Thien Nguyen

Thien "Henit" Nguyen, Entertainment Writer

Hello it’s Thien and I came here in 6th grade via my parents decision in 2015, so I’ve definitely had the full Preuss experience. However, this decision was the best decision my parents could’ve made for us. As my final year here I am saddened and excited for June 16th, the final day.

Preuss teaches you many good things and provides many opportunities that I guarantee I would not have had if I wasn’t here. Thanks to the spectacular staff and faculty that are there to guide you throughout every year at Preuss in order to help you grow as a person. Looking back at the 7 years it went by very quickly, mostly due to the pandemic which made highschool zoom by and gave us a different virtual experience which was horrendous but we were at least able to come back in person for this final year.

Going into college as a Preuss student will be tough, Preuss teachers made sure to make an effort to connect to each student and gave every single person an equal opportunity to succeed. It felt like the experience at Preuss we’re really babysat throughout the entire time which really comes off really positive and negative.

As the final day approaches and every final decision is coming to a close I’m ready to graduate and go out into the world. I’m excited for what the world really has to offer outside Preuss, with the confidence I’ve gained here I’m sure I’ll make it big for myself in the world of Business, at San Diego State University which I will be attending.