Alex’s Flashback


Alex Macias

Alejandro "Alex" Macias, Photographer

Preuss is a school unlike any other. The rigorous curriculum is something that you can’t find anywhere else. There are an unfathomable amount of times where I feel like we are getting work assigned for no other reason than to keep us busy. Either way, I feel nothing less than prepared for the oncoming challenge of college and I owe a good majority of my readiness to the Preuss curriculum.

Part of my Preuss experience started in middle school, constantly getting in trouble on the bus for playing Mario Kart too loudly or yelling at my friends just because we thought it was funny. Looking back on it, I was pretty annoying as a middle schooler. Nevertheless, the cool thing about Preuss being a middle and high school is that you can make some pretty awesome friends throughout all the years. The majority of my favorite experiences at Preuss are shared with people that I met in the 6th grade.

I’d say that since high school was basically cut in half due to COVID, it went by super quick. I mean I left the in person environment in the 10th grade and returned in my last year of high school. I went from having no care in the world just going from class to class with my friends to literally planning the next 4 or more years of my life. It honestly was overwhelming at points but I’m happy where I’ve ended up and where I see myself going. If I were to give advice to any underclassmen, whether you are a middle schooler or a junior, I would say to start looking into every single college you find interesting. It’ll make the process in the future a lot easier and you’ll be able to start getting excited about a huge range of colleges instead of hoping you get into the one college that you’ve been wanting since you were little.