My Preuss Experience


Daniela Navarrete

Daniela Navarrete, Editorial Writer

My high school experience was full of ups and downs, as it often is. Despite all of the not so good stuff, I can confidently say that, if offered the chance, I would not change my decision to go to Preuss and stick with it.

When I was younger, I was painfully and ridiculously shy. My first memory of being at Preuss is waiting at the front of the school every single day for the one friend I had made, mostly because I was too scared to go sit at the tables with the other kids. This social anxiety was a constant presence throughout my time at Preuss, especially during middle school.

However, it was in high school that I really began to feel comfortable here. While my shy disposition did not go away overnight, I was able to put myself out there and realize how much I enjoyed the community here. I was able to not only become friends with some of the best, kindest people I know, but also realize that there are so many good opportunities. Additionally, I came to realize that the teachers here genuinely care about the students, something that I do not think I would find at every school.

Throughout high school I was able to join Multicultural Empowerment club, perform baile folklorico in front of the school (something I never thought I would dare to do), join Fashion Club for a while, join Spanish Honor Society, and take classes I really enjoyed, such as Pre-Engineering and Journalism. While the coursework was difficult, I never faced a challenge that I could not overcome.

Both academically and socially, Preuss and the people here helped me become the person I am today, and I am eternally grateful for it.