Ramifications of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad Leads to Protests


Since 2017 the citizens of Nigeria have been protesting Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). SARS is a Police force that was supposed to help the people deal with robbery, motor vehicle theft, kidnapping, cattle hustling, and firearms. The Nigerian citizens are protesting this police force due to its inability to follow through with its only job. These protests have recently received coverage on news articles, and all over social media.

Nigerian citizens have been posting videos on social media explaining the brutal mistreatment they are experiencing. They are being kidnapped, falsely imprisoned by people that work for SARS. The citizens are trying to stand up for themselves against these injustices but by doing so they are being gunned down for protesting.

I believe it is vital for those who have a voice in our society to try and stand up alongside them and stand up against the corruption in their police system.

“Help! Somebody please come help us all they just took my sister! They Just took my sister! Help! please if you can hear us please help!” A citizen of Nigeria screams in a video on TikTok: @real.lul.selam

Many people on social media have tried to find ways to educate others by spreading petitions all over social media about these horrible events in hopes that it would help others find this information. Doing this allows the Citizens of Nigeria to have a voice. This helps shed light on the mistreatment of the people by a SARS(Police Force) that was supposed to help the people.

“I’ve left some links in my bio where you can get more information, donations, petitions to sign…What’s happening in Nigeria is terrible and it’s not getting the coverage it needs, please keep spreading the word.” TikTok:@zephy._

It is in times of dire situations that people should want to be informed, especially those that are with the Black Lives Matter movement.

A quote that I believe really enforces my argument is, “Black Lives Matter right? Well it shouldn’t be limited to just black lives here in America.”TikTok:@cashflowharlem.

What the Nigerian citizens are going through parallels the things that many black Americans are going through. These protests go hand in hand with the BLM protest here in America and all around the world. I believe it’s a good thing that this spread, although really slowly, because it sheds light on the abuse of power that police systems allow to continue without consequence. We should all do what we can to help spread awareness of the experiences of the Nigerian citizens like we try to do with the people here in America.