Senior Spotlight: Korme Hikssa


Michael Grijalva

Korme Hikssa (’23)

Nathanael "Nate" Coria Lopez, Podcaster

With summer quickly approaching for students at the Preuss school, the days before the liberties and joy of summer are being ticked off. For Korme Hikssa it is the number of days before he will open a new chapter in his life. He is set to graduate this year as a part of the graduating class of 2023 and is planning to go to UC San Diego to study Cognitive Science.

Question: Why did you choose your major?
“Because it is the closest major to video game design in UCSD.”

Question: What is your dream job after you graduate college?
“Preferably a video game designer.”

Question: Do you think you’ll leave Preuss with a good memory of it?
“ I would say it’s pretty good…I’ll leave with a good memory here. There were a couple of small issues but that’s fine.”

Question: Do you have any regrets about anything here at Preuss?
“I guess [not] being more active, and doing spirit stuff… Also being pretty introverted and not talking to people and not branching out.”

Question: What is the one thing you will look most forward to in college?
“ Exploring a lot more, pretty much San Diego, college, also taking fun classes; some of the classes I’ve seen there seem pretty fun. Studying about the 90’s and learning how to survive in an apocalyptic future.”

Question: What was the hardest class to take while you were here at Preuss?
“Probably English, I don’t know why, it was the same across the board except maybe 11th grade with Garcia.”

Question: What is your piece of advice for the students that are coming up into 11th and 12th grade?
“One thing, be on top of your work alright trust me, you don’t want any late work cause it will pile up. Also, make sure to make time for breaks.”

Question: What was your favorite subject to study?
“ Overtime my electives, probably either art or computer science, but if we’re talking about classes maybe biology or something like that.”