Spotlight on Ms. Sohoni


S Garcia

Ms. Sohoni is excited to continue pursing her teaching career.

Natan Fessehaye, School News Writer

Ever since the departure of teacher Mr. Ted Kim at the start of this year, there was a spot open for a new teacher to join Preuss. In came Ms. Alexandra Sohoni, who is now the Advanced Science teacher for eighth Grade.

Before Ms. Alexandra Sohoni even got into becoming a teacher she was pursuing her interests in college.

She explains, “After I graduated from high school I went to the University of California Santa Cruz, where I switched my major multiple times. I started in Psychology then Political Science major then Plant Science major. And after earning so many credits in Biology and having a love for Biology I decided to pursue something in Biology.”

After earning her degree in Biology she would later stumble into something that would lead her into doing something she didn’t imagine.

“Becoming a teacher wasn’t something I originally was set on doing. I knew I wanted to help people in some sort of way that didn’t involve me sitting behind a desk all day and allowed me to interact with others. Then in the summer I took an internship where I was teaching summer school which made me realize how much I loved teaching,” Ms. Sohoni adds.

On her path of becoming a teacher she came across a school that would later on be the school she joins.

Ms. Sohoni says, “In August I was asked to substitute here at Preuss. After substituting for multiple chemistry and physics classes for a few months I was offered a full time position and later got the opportunity to work at Preuss full time. Later on I was switched to where I now teach Advanced science for eighth grade and have a ninth grade Advisory class.”

Ms. Sohoni is referring to taking over Dr.Chittuluru’s advisory class. Since the middle of August, Ms. Sohoni has experienced quite a lot here at Preuss.

“So far being here at Preuss has been great since I like how small this school is and in comparison to other schools it has a better community. Thanks to this I know the students I have and the people I work with better than some other school.”