Students Pie Teachers and Classmates for Finance Club


Barbara Guerrero

Students and teachers take turns “pie-ing” each other.

Carlos Castaneda, School News Writer

When I was walking up to the stage, the nervousness started to kick as they started to put the plastic cover and the safety glasses on me. When the pie hit my face, the nervousness turned into excitement.

The Finance Club at the Preuss School UC San Diego is holding an event in the Amphitheater from March 7th to March 10th in honor of National Pi Day. Students were able to purchase and throw pies at a teacher or student who volunteered. Each pie was a paper plate covered in whipped cream and sold for $4 each. 10% of each pie sale after breaking even went to the Finance Club and the rest went to the advisory class that paid for their pie.

“It felt really good to get pied,” said Issachar Cortez (‘24). “It kind of hurt a little, but it felt good knowing that it was raising money for Finance Club”.