Preuss Students Visit SDSU

Christian Montalvo-Yañez, School News Writer

On October 26, 2022, half of the senior class of 2023 visited SDSU to open the senior class up to more CSU college options and to gain a better understanding of what specific CSUs they would like to apply to. However many students have their own preference when looking into CSU’s. In this case seniors from the class 2023, Serrano and Barraza give their insight and opinion on SDSU.

Preuss seniors like Jaden Serrano (‘23) are evaluating colleges on a variety of standards as they decide where they will apply. For Serrano, the social and student life is especially significant to his decision.

“I liked how there’s a lot of students, it was vibey, and it was calm and quiet,” states Serrano (‘23).

Angel Barraza (‘23), another senior at Preuss, has his own preferences when it comes to college. In particular, Barraza takes note of academic and financial support. During the EOP program meeting Angel asked various questions in regards to financial support SDSU provides to their students.

“SDSU provides resources here to help you graduate such as a counselor and educational support, through the EOP program,” comments Barraza (‘23).

Sports can be an important part of college to seniors, including to Serrano. During the trip the college guide would take him through the main gym allowing him to witness what he will expect when it comes to athletics.

“I like how the basketball team is Division One, which motivates me to come here,” says Jaden Serrano (‘23).

Factors such as housing also play a major role in if a student will attend that college. Barraza took the housing section of SDSU and other colleges into consideration. Barraza during lunch would explore the multiple housing options given to SDSU freshmen.

“The housing here was nice. I liked how when I compared it to other colleges like UC Irvine, SDSU has nicer and more livable dorms,” claims Barraza (‘23).