Preuss ASB Hosts Fall Formal


Johnny Carvajal, School News Writer

The Preuss School UC San Diego held a masquerade-themed formal for high school students on October 14, 2022. The formal was located between E and D building on the outdoor basketball courts. 

The event was decorated with pillars that lit up and served as the main source of light for the party. The formal provided its attendees with free chips, cookies, and water. Many members of the PTA volunteered at the snack table while ASB and faculty supervised the formal. 

Many students attended the formal and a couple of students brought along their families or friends. Due to many students attending the dance, space was limited. ASB rented out a photo booth for the attendees to partake in, which became  very popular throughout the evening. David Perez (‘24) had initially believed that the dance would not be a successful formal due to its location. 

Perez stated, “For a dance outside, it’s better than I expected.” His friend, Jason Pham (‘24) agreed with him.

ASB also hired a professional DJ to play at the dance. The DJ played different genres of music and it drew everyone to the dance floor including some of the faculty. Vice Principal Watson joined in on the fun and taught the crowd of people on the dance floor how to do the “wobble” dance.

“The music isn’t wack,” commented Ianna Beltran (26).

Although many students did not have high expectations for the fall formal, the majority was happy about the outcome of the dance. It brought its attendees together with a lively atmosphere, music, and entertainment. The photo booth, free snacks, and DJ also contributed to make the dance an unforgettable experience.