Preuss Students Attend CSU Night


Christian Montalvo-Yañez, School News Writer

On September 29th, CSU Night was held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, helping juniors and senior students get a better understanding of CSU academics and student life. This is a major step for students, as it is a major milestone in their lives and future. Thus explains the reason for which students take towards their future.

“They talked about schools with different backgrounds like Cal Maritime which was a military school and I don’t really want to be in a school like that,” says Mercy Fessehaye (‘23).

As a step toward their future, many students have to rule out the colleges they aren’t interested in or just not for them. Senior Fessehaye is in the stages of selecting which UCs and what CSUs she will attend. In this case, schools such as Cal Maritime did not catch her interest due to its militaristic style.

“If I could go to any CSU it would be SDSU since it is close to home but also because my GPA can give me financial support,” declares Mercy Fessehaye (‘23).

Selecting a school has factors that students have to check to know if it is a good match. For Fessehaye she had chosen SDSU as her top option, since not only was it in her hometown where her family resides, but as well as the offered financial support. Mercy wants to save her family money and save herself from student debts. SDSU offers students a great financial support plan.

Other students learned about colleges that they are willing to name their target or reach school.

“CSU Long beach is cheaper when it comes to its tuition and they also offer the major I want which is nursing, health care, and biology, which are all under the medical field,” notes Ashley Lopez (‘24).

When you compare the cost of tuition between a UC such as UCSD to CSUs such as Long Beach, it’s obvious why students would prefer to go to a CSU. Other times it gives students a second opting for schooling in case a UC does not work for them. Lopez finds her major in CSU Long Beach where it is not as costly, giving her a reason to apply for CSUs due to their tuition cost but also their variety of majors.

“I feel like through CSU Night, I was able to get a better picture of the colleges I want to go to but as well not go to make my senior year a little easier when it comes to applications,” states Ashley Lopez (‘24).