MTS Gifts Preuss a New Trolley

Marlene Rojas, School News Writer

During the month of August, MTS transportation allows Preuss to provide it’s students with a new trolley. A trolley that arrives in between the first and second trolley: the 7-minute trolley. Due to the lack of seats for Preuss students and other public transportation users, this was relieving news.

It’s been a month since it was added and there are no complaints heard from Preuss students.

“I like using the 7-minute trolley because I can actually get a seat.” said Amy Cruz-Zapata (‘25).

When the trolley arrives at Preuss, it is empty because it’s meant for Preuss students and doesn’t stop for any other trolley stations, which allows them get a seat and relax on their way back home. However, students and even other trolley users, are forced to get off once the trolley arrives at 12th & Imperial and have to wait for the next blue line trolley to arrive.

“I’m getting home so much earlier and I literally have so much more time because of the trolley,” says Cruz (‘25)

Parents have also expressed a liking to this trolley, since it is much safer for their children to be on the trolley for a shorter period of time.

“I love having a seat, but I just wish that it went all the way to my stop,” says Gael Delgado-Diaz (‘25).

The 7-minute trolley may not have the same benefits for all Preuss students. Students whose stops are after 12th & Imperial are forced to get off, and are in other words, taking the second trolley.

“Why can’t the trolley just go all the way, like, it’d make all the difference because I’d be home earlier and have more time to do my homework,” said Delgado (‘25).

MTS has become an important factor to Preuss students’ education. The bus and trolley are most kids’ only way of getting to school, so it is crucial for them to feel safe and comfortable using public transportation. It’s safe to say that the majority of students who use the trolley are happy with this addition to their way of getting to school.