Preuss Presents “Preuss Way” Poster Contest

Gissell Montufar, Photographer

Voting is underway in the library for the Preuss Way Poster contest, a contest devised to promote the school showing Kindness, Respect, and Excellence.

The contest started on September 7th to promote The Preuss Way in which students are encouraged to show Kindness, Respect, and Excellence.

“The school wanted to reinstitute The Preuss Way and make it meaningful for the students so students are willing to give back to The Preuss Way.” says Karen Nance “So we thought it would help with the poster contest.”

The contest required students to create an original artwork with appropriate content that depicts their understanding of The Preuss Way.

Voting ends on Thurs Sept. 22nd, Contest winners will receive a book of their choice and have their poster published and hung around campus.