Would You Rather: Fortune or Fame?

Angelina Gonzalez, School News Editor

Would I rather have fortune or fame? Because of the situation we – minority and low-income – are in, I think it would be wiser to choose fortune, but personally I wouldn’t mind being wealthy or famous.

We’ve heard that being famous has a lot of downsides, for example, loss of privacy. The fact that they have their dirty laundry aired out for everybody to see is enough to make one think I could never be famous. But if that doesn’t do it for you, everything famous people say or do is analyzed, and everybody seems to have an opinion.

What do I mean by dirty laundry? Anything you might not want to be public information will probably find its way out to the public. Although, everybody has to have a situation like this. The only reason why it’s so different when it happens to a celebrity is because we hold them to high standards. We idolize them. In our mind they are perfect.

Kim Kardashian and Ye West have recently gotten a divorce; they are pretty normal to hear about, but their divorce in particular got messy. It was speculation at first, but then West acknowledged it by posting about it.

According to UsWeekly, “West began making public pleas to win Kardashian back. His fall 2021 proclamations of love turned into a series of allegations about his ex keeping the kids from him by early 2022.”

The Kardashian family is notorious for keeping their private life private and this is one example of a private matter becoming public knowledge.

In response to West, Kim Kardashian posted, “…trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly is only causing further pain for all.”

While this did get them a lot of attention, it’s serious and people on social media were divided either to defend Kardashian or West.

These types of situations can alter a celebrity’s image. Dating rumors are engaging because it’s entertaining. Break up rumors can make readers feel sympathetic, relieved, upset, etc. It just depends what the celebrity does with these “setbacks.”

“Red Table Talk” is a talk show that allows Jada Pinkett Smith, her mother, and her daughter to talk about different topics. I’m not sure if it was rumored before this, but during one of the episodes of this show, Jada admitted/confirmed/revealed – take your pick as some headlines differ insinuating different things – that she had an “entanglement” with singer August Alsina.

I think this was smart. Up until that moment, I had never heard about “Red Table Talk”, I didn’t even really know about Jada. This episode probably boosted her fame, but this brings me to the issue of being famous. It can only last for so long depending on how celebrities keep it going, if they’ve even figured out how to keep their audience engaged. That’s the only reason why I am choosing fortune over wealth.

Having fortune could do a lot for me and I think it’s easier to maintain. It wouldn’t be taken away unless I’m being fraudulent, but why would I do that? I know it happens because people are greedy, but because of my background I don’t think I could ever want money all to myself. I think I would take up philanthropy and donate to organizations I support. It would also be nice to help my family or people that I am close to. After all, what would I do with that much money?