ASB Assembles Airband 2022

Brian Ponce, School News Writer

The Preuss Associated Student Body (ASB) welcomes all high school students to audition for this year’s upcoming Airband. Auditions will be held from Monday, March 14th, through Wednesday, March 16th after school at the Walton Center from 4:00 to 4:45 PM.

The purpose of Airband is to help students demonstrate their talents and abilities in front of their friends and peers, which has been an annual tradition at the Preuss School UC San Diego. Students can perform from a variety of acts such as singing, dancing, and comedic skits.

Students must fill out a Google form on ASB’s official website, which can be found on the Preuss ASB website.. Participants need to fill out the form to provide contact information and any accommodations to help their performance, which can include microphones and background music.

During the auditioning process, participants will have approximately four minutes to perform their act. After auditioning, participants will receive an email sent out by ASB, which will list out all the names of students that have been confirmed to have passed the auditioning process. If students pass the auditioning process, they are expected to come by to the Walton Center for rehearsals after Spring Break, specifically the week of the main event.

To ensure attendance for this year’s Airband, high school students must pay for tickets. ASB will be selling tickets near the Walton Center during lunch. VIP tickets will be $13 and regular tickets for $10. Auditions are free, but participants must still purchase tickets if they plan on attending the main event. Tickets will be sold for $5 to students who audition, which is 50% off the regular ticket price.

12th-grade ASB president, Rodolfo Castillo (‘22) justified that the Associated Student Body has to charge auditionees so that “future events such as the high school senior prom can be possible.”

High school students shared mixed feelings about ASB’s budgetary practices.

“Although I don’t agree with charging [the auditionees], I can see how [ASB] would charge them to support future events,” shared Andy Garcia (‘22)

“It makes sense why ASB would charge students to attend Airband, but I still don’t see why auditionees still have to buy tickets after auditioning,” expressed Raul Gonzalez (‘22)

In terms of transportation, ASB has still not confirmed if the school will provide transportation for attendants. ASB recommends alternative forms of transportation.

“If buses are not available after the event, students must get picked up by their families or friends after 8:00,” affirmed ASB 12th grade president, Rodolfo Castillo (‘22).

If you plan on participating in this year’s event, be prepared for the time of your life!