BSU Celebrates Black History Month

Angelina Gonzalez, School News Editor

The Black Student Union (BSU), a newly established club on campus, will be hosting a series of activities during Black History Month (BHM).

Black History Month takes place during the entire month of February. We use this time to celebrate the achievements of black people and to bring awareness to black history. For example, Jackie Robinson was a very famous baseball player and he was very dedicated to Civil Rights. He inspired others to participate in integrated sports when he became the first black person to play in Major League Baseball. Other examples include Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughn also left behind a stellar legacy. They all had successful jobs at NASA and had great contributions to American achievements. The movie Hidden Figures is dedicated to their stories. This month, we look forward to participating in BSU activities to learn more about the legacies of black people.

Every Friday of the Month will be dedicated to Ally Day. During that time, students will learn about how to be a better ally for their peers. It’s no secret that minority communities have faced inhumane levels of injustice, but staying united will help combat these injustices. A couple of ways you can be an ally are to share what you’ve learned from BSU activities, spread awareness, and support your classmates. A good way to show support is to actively participate and listen during club meetings.

From 2/7-2/11, BSU held a Middle School Door Decorating Contest inspired by BHM. The winner was Mr. Meka’s Masters, his class has a committee dedicated towards door decorating. Committee members are Mia, Sheryln, Tori, Nataly, Rosy, Jasmin, Emylia, Briseida, Alexia, Kelly, Randa, and Shani. As a team – and with the input of their classmates – they were able to assemble a unique door. Their door was covered with black historical figures along with modern influential black figures. They attached broken chains on their door to symbolize freedom and achievement. Mr. Meka’s Masters won a snack party.

The door decorating committee shared, “We couldn’t have done it without each other.”

Katrina Hassan Hamilton, Education Chair for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and founder of the United Shades of Black and Brown (USBB) will be a guest speaker on the 11th and her conversation will be focused on diversity, equity, and community.

Club Secretary, Jahmya (‘23), expressed her appreciation for this meeting, “It was a little awkward to participate at first, but after getting comfortable with her, we started to share more about our experiences and thoughts on the issue.”

On the 25th, Dante Pride, founder of The Pride Law Firm and entrepreneur will be speaking to the Black Student Union about entrepreneurial success and how he has positively impacted the community as an attorney in San Diego and a Historically Black College and University (HBCU).

Support the Black Student Union and their mission to educate preuss students about black history!
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