Girls and Boys Lacrosse Officially Kick Off 2022 Season

Diego Albarran, School News Writer

With Spring on the rise after a cold Winter Sports season, the 2022 Spring Sports will be coming this March. The boys and girls Junior Varsity and Varsity Lacrosse teams are preparing to compete once again after two years. This was due to the COVID-19 pandemic which canceled two seasons in a row and a great deal of team practice. This year it will be their first time participating in the San Diego City Conference, where they will go against new teams in a competitive league from schools around the county. Information regarding the scores will be posted in the Preuss Athletics website soon after each game ends, including news on players who outshine competition on the field, and more.

The boys Varsity Lacrosse try-outs will happen during Scholared Centered Support (SCS) at the Preuss Manchester Field from 4:00pm-5:00pm on February 14, 2022. This opportunity is open for any high school student who is interested in having a chance to play on the Junior Varsity or Varsity Lacrosse team this Spring. If you are interested in participating, make sure to come prepared with cleats and a lacrosse stick. Also, you must complete a sports physical beforehand and give it to your coach before the season starts.

High School Student partaking on the Lacrosse try-out, Triet Pham (24’) says,” I’m excited because I want to join the team and hopefully to be able to play the full season.”.

The Preuss School UC San Diego Junior Varsity and Varsity Lacrosse players hope to play this season without interference of COVID-19 and having to go back to remote learning. This issue occurred across the Winter Sports season which canceled Junior Varsity games, leaving only a few games left for Varsity soccer and basketball players to compete in. In spite of that, we hope for the best for the Lacrosse Spring season this year and make sure to support the Preuss Lacrosse team by attending their games, whether it be during home games at Preuss or visitor games at other schools.