Serenity Days: Is It Worth the Time?

Huy Nguyen, School News Writer

On January 28th, 2022, ASB hosted serenity day for Preuss students with the hope of empowering them to focus on their mental health. Serenity day is a day to attend sessions meant to help students relax and de-stress, instead of having the usual academic classes. Serenity day happened digitally on Zoom meetings, where Preuss students each chose a Zoom meeting from 3 different sessions.

The Zoom meetings from each session vastly differed, to best include many different topics of interest everyone, such as Pet Sharing with Ms. Patrick, Makeup 101 with Ethan Le, and watching an anime called “Demon Slayer” with Yaret Bolanos.

Even though preuss students don’t have serenity days very often, whether or not serenity days actually help students is still questioned.

“I found serenity day relaxing and I think we should continue having serenity days because it might be beneficial for someone’s mental health,” expressed Jose de la Torre (‘22).

“I think the school should continue serenity days because it’s a good thing for students to learn stuff and serenity day helps me relax,” expressed Vincent Nguyen (‘27).

Serenity days are mainly seen as a great event that help many students have dedicated time to relax and de-stress, which is very important to improve one’s mental health.

Mental health is an important aspect of everyone’s lives and according to the CDC, “it affects how we think, feel, and act.” Even though mental health is important, it is often disregarded for many reasons, such as a lack of understanding of how important mental health is.

Serenity days offer students ways to have dedicated time to prioritize their mental health, which is very important. Every day should include something to improve one’s mental health, whether it’s exercise, meditation, just taking a break, watching a TV show, or anything that makes you feel better.