Middle School Blasts Back to 80’s and 90’s

The Preuss School UC San Diego middle school students were invited to go Back to the 80’s and 90’s Social on Friday, December 17th in the school tent located near A-Building during the Scholared Centered Support hour, better known as “SCS”.

The event was organized by Middle School students in the Associated Student Body, also known as “ASB,” and ASB Advisor Mr. Kim. The tent was decorated with colorful lights, balloons, decorative streamers, cardboard cutouts and more to endure the theme of a 80’s and 90’s party. Also popular party music was playing while students enjoyed dancing, having fun, and participating in games.

Science Teacher/Tech Committee teacher Mr.Kim stated, “It’s a great opportunity for students to enjoy the day before entering winter break with their peers and enjoy all the activities planned for them.”

Preuss students were able to socialize and spend a great time with their friends. They also had the chance to participate in activities such as bowling, ping pong, and more. Sports such as soccer and basketball were accessible to middle schoolers attending the Middle School Social so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Also, students had the option to dress according to the theme, 80’s and 90’s fashion.

Not only were there several activities, but a photo booth was provided at the event for students to take pictures with their friends and keep those memories with them. Students would have needed to pay 50 cents in order to take and keep their pictures. In addition, the Snack Shack was available through the Middle School Social and students will be able to enjoy their food in the designated eating area.

Middle School student, Andy Diep(‘26) declares, “I’m excited because I’m going to have fun with my friends and I hope to see them in 80’s and 90’s costumes.”

Overall, middle school students shall be encouraged to enjoy their last day at school with their friends at the Back to the 80’s and 90’s Social before entering Winter Break. There were activities planned for anyone which makes it better for students and their peers to enjoy the Middle School Social since there’s only one this year. Students can end the year playing sports, competing in games, dancing and overall having fun with friends.