High School ASB Hosts Spirit Week


Photographed by Alex Macias

The Preuss School UCSD Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted Spirit Week this fall. High school students had the opportunity to participate in exciting activities from November 1st through November 5th.

During high school lunch, students participated in fun games held at the amphitheater. Each event and activity was led by Ethan Le (‘23) and Itzel Gerardo (‘23), who are both members of the high school ASB.

On Tuesday, Crazy Socks Day, ASB held a round of Pictionary. Participants drew images on the whiteboard and other contestants representing their grades had to guess what the drawing was.

Besides lunch activities, Crazy Socks Day allowed students to wear unique and stylistic socks to school, which high school students were especially fond of.

“Crazy Socks Day allowed students to wear creative and unique socks that represent who they are as a person, which is why it is my favorite Spirit Week event.” expressed Raul Gonzalez (‘22).

Spirit Week was significant in that it allowed students to dress up in clothing that was outside of the Preuss protocol.

Normally, Preuss scholars are required to suit up in navy blue/burgundy polos and khaki pants/dresses to school. Preuss Colors Day, Jersey Day, and Pajama Pants Day, which occurred Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were exceptions.

Preuss Colors Day was significant in that it invited all high schoolers to dress up entirely in their normal attire. They could dress up as long as it aligned with the colors of the Preuss School UC San Diego, which included blue, yellow, and white. Jersey Day invited high school students to wear

These events received positive receptions from the majority of high school students.

“I loved Preuss Colors Day because we didn’t get [uniform violations] and because we also got to come to school in clothes other than the [Preuss] uniform,” explained Phuoc Dang (‘22).

“Preuss Pajama Pants Day was my favorite event because I was got the chance to come to school in comfortable clothes” expressed Jose de La Torre (‘22)

After Pajama Pants day on Friday, which marked the end of Spirit Week, ASB held the Burton Ball on November 5th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM.

Tickets were on sale for 10 dollars from October 28th to November 3rd at the Walton Center during lunch. Students were also required to fill out parent permission slips to guarantee admittance to the ball via Parent Square or in-person.

The main theme of this year’s ball was based on the works of the director, Tim Burton. His works include several popular movies including The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake.

These events were one of the first student-led activities since schools across the United States opened up after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Events such as Spirit Week and the Burton Ball encourage all high school Preuss students to participate in their school environment through fun and exciting activities and inclusive dances.