Digital AP Testing Provokes More Stress for Students

From early May to mid June, AP testing for high school students will be administered digitally with the exception of AP Spanish classes which will take place on campus.

In order to take the digital exam students must download the 2021 Digital AP Exams application to their computer. If students were issued a Preuss laptop they will have to go on campus to let Mr. Daryl or the librarians download the app.

With the exams coming closer and the whole school year conducted online, affecting some of our work ethic, it’s normal to feel nervous about being prepared for and passing the AP tests.

Mariana Rodriguez (‘22) expressed, “I feel somewhat prepared for my exams because I try to pay attention in my AP classes and I do the work. However, I feel like I need to study and practice more.”

Studying for an AP exam outside of class is something that students themselves have to take control of. To study for the exams students can take advantage of resources like College Board, Khan Academy, Quizlet flashcards, or past coursework and study guides from their AP classes. To acquire more resources and tips for taking the AP exam students should also go to their Advisory teacher to learn more.

Nicole Tran (‘22) voices her feelings towards AP exams this year by saying, “I think I’m just really stressed if I’ll be honest; last year was just one portion of the entire exam while this year it’s the entire exam and along with the long hours needed to be spent online is just ridiculous to me.”

Most of last year’s 10th graders only had to take the essay portion of the AP European History exam, but this year they will have to take at least two complete AP exams. Students might feel stressed out and unprepared due to this being the first time that they will have to take the full AP exam.

Passing an AP exam with a 4 or 5 means earning college credit for some universities. Despite the stress and extra preparation that students will have to partake in to become confident in passing the exams it will be worth it as it will be a step closer to achieving the goal of attending a four year university and it will make those next four years even easier.