UC Vaccination Policy: What This Means for Preuss Students

The University of California(UC) vaccination policy went into effect on September 1st, 2021, with the purpose of protecting UC students and moving forward from this pandemic. The Preuss school UC San Diego follows UCSD’s guidelines; therefore, this applies to Preuss students as well. All Preuss students and staff must be vaccinated, with exemptions available.

The UC vaccination policy comes as no surprise, especially with Covid-19 cases on the rise again due to the Delta variant. The Preuss School is mandated by University of California San Diego to follow this policy, with the aim of creating a safe learning environment.

“I think this vaccination policy is a really great idea, it’s great that the University of California is taking initiative and making Preuss a safer place,” Chris Serrano (‘22) stated.

Covid vaccines will be required for non-exempt students age 12 and up, with proof of vaccination being required as well. The Medical/religious exemptions forms were due on August 30th, to meet the September 1st deadline. Vaccination cards should be brought to the school nurse as soon as possible. Non-exempt students are asked to be tested twice a week, and to report any symptoms they may have to the school nurse. Some students have differing opinions on this policy.

“I think that we are moving a bit too fast, although coronavirus is serious, I believe the University of California should be a bit more lenient on vaccines and masks,” Ismail Ahmed (‘22) asserts.

This vaccination policy is a progressive step for Preuss students. Covid-19 has been a prominent problem not only in the United States, but globally as well. The University of California is not the only institution thinking of ways to combat Covid-19. Although The University of California is one of the first institutions to have a vaccine mandate, other institutions are expected to follow.

“I did not expect Preuss to do this, and I’m proud to go to a school that cares about students,” Ridwan Farah (‘22) states. “It’s nice to know the people that deal with your education truly see you as a person.”

Vaccines are becoming steadily more and more available. Worrying about the price of vaccines isn’t an issue either, with all vaccines everywhere being free, and it is relatively easy to set up an appointment or walk-in. Vaccines can be administered at places like CVS or Rite Aid. Vaccine clinics are still being held at Preuss as well, and dates will be posted onto Parent Square.

“The vaccine hurts my arm a lot, but it is nothing compared to the pain of losing a loved one to covid,” Khoi Le (‘22) explained. “Now is not the time to be selfish.”