Students Readjust to In-Person Learning

Idiris Abbi, School News Writer

Preuss students came back to school on January 31st after transitioning into online learning after winter break. As per UCSD guidelines, students were subjected to 4 weeks of remote learning in order to keep students and families safe from the omicron variant. Students were initially scheduled to return two weeks after winter break, but it was extended for another two weeks after COVID-19 worsened.

“It feels so weird to be back now after all this time.” Ridwan Farah (‘22) states. “I got used to the remote learning schedule, and now I need to get used to this in person schedule again.”

Preuss did not allow students to come back until they had a negative PCR test and two negative rapid tests. Preuss also required students take another PCR test on the 31st of January, and sent students home with another rapid tests in case they ever feel sick or suspect they have covid.

“I love how Preuss is being really careful with letting students back on campus.” Abdelrahman Abdalla (‘22) explains. “It makes me feel safer that they are seemingly becoming stricter.”

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Preuss is now understaffed for the SCS hour indefinitely, so the administration had to enforce an emergency plan. High schoolers will now be let out at 4 PM, with middle schoolers still leaving at 5 PM. Preuss only has enough teachers to cover the middle school students. High school students can arrange a ride or wait until 5 PM at a designated location with a supervisor or vice principal Ms. Watson. Clubs and athletics will remain active with this new schedule.

“We need to release the high school students at 4:00 pm beginning Tuesday, February 1st. You can pick up your high schooler, have them picked up by another relative, family member, or friend, or they can take public transportation (bus or the Blue Trolley Line).” Executive Director Dr. Griffith clarified in her message to students.. “This move however, will allow our high schoolers to arrive home earlier, get a jump start on homework, practice for athletics, and continue their prep activities for college entrance.”

Preuss is understaffed due to teachers contracting COVID-19 an COVID-19 delaying their schedules. The continued spread of COVID-19 is the main problem here.

Getting covid tested regularly can help Preuss keep in person learning. Preuss will still be posting vaccination clinics on Parent Square. Getting the booster shot for COVID-19 also helps, and is required by the school if you are eligible.