Students Transition from Online to In-Person School

The Preuss School administration has created many new changes to ensure safety for everyone at Preuss to adapt to the new school year because of the ongoing pandemic.

These changes made students’ transitioning from online to in-person school take quite a bit of time.

Working online at home for about a year and a half had both good and bad effects for students, and has sparked debate amongst students if the good of online school outweighs the bad.

“[Online school] for me personally, was not a good thing because I got distracted a lot, and in school [learning] really helps me because I’m more determined and more motivated to do my work than at home,” Raul Gonzalez (‘22) expressed.

“I felt scared for the first year of middle school because I didn’t know anyone and now it’s good cause I made friends,” Vincent Nguyen (‘27) said.

Every Preuss student had to adapt to returning to the University of California San Diego-based school campus with the new changes, and because some students grew to like online school, their experience returning to in-person school wasn’t so great.

“At first, it was weird and I had to adapt to it because we spent an entire year online. It took a while to adapt to the new changes and I got the gist of how everything was going to work from here on out,” Gonzalez (‘22) said.

The changes at Preuss to combat Covid spreading includes wearing masks, requiring google form symptom checker every morning, having an covid-tracing team, and having those metal boxes.

Even though the safety protocols for ensuring safety for everyone at Preuss is mainly seen as effective, there are still some concerns.

Many students are worried that people won’t report positive Covid tests and will get everyone sick. This is worrisome because the Covid prevention systems that have been implemented heavily rely on the honesty of everyone at Preuss.

On the contrary, there are visible benefits seen by every Preuss student; such as being able to see their friends, feel more connected with others, and of course, having longer school days!

“It is my last school year and I get to spend it in person rather than at home. I like that I get to see my friends and spend time with them for my senior year,” said Gonzalez (‘22).

“[In-person school]] is better because I can play sports like basketball, soccer, and wall ball…I also like that you can make friends quicker and know the teachers better,” Nguyen (‘27) expressed.

Now that Preuss students and staff are back on campus for in-person school, many people agree that ensuring that everyone has a great, and also a safe school year, is of most importance that everyone all have to work together to accomplish.