Preuss Announces Enrollment Days for Incoming Students

On Saturday, May 8th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, The Preuss School UCSD held its first Enrollment day for incoming students for the 21- 22 school year. Students took a benchmark math test and literacy test.

The purpose of these benchmark tests is to help teachers know the capacity of their students, to help them reach the goals they have with the support they need.
“We just encourage students to try their best. They aren’t being graded on the tests,” Mrs. Mak, 6th grade math teacher, said. “It just helps us get to know what their skill levels are so we can better meet their needs when they come to Preuss.”

In a typical year, enrollment day also includes parents to help them understand the procedures of the school and what are the expectations of the students. However, because of COVID-19 and social distancing, many regulations were taken. Everyone was socially distanced, masks were required, the usual orientation given during Enrollment day had to be cancelled, and it all came down to students presenting the tests and then leaving. No other procedure was done.

“We usually share lots of information with the families and have some activities planned for them,” Mrs. Mak stated. “Unfortunately, this year, because of social distancing, we had to limit it to just students and only testing.”

Even though there were restrictions, according to Mrs. Mak, Saturday went well. About 65 students showed up to present their tests, mainly all being sixth graders. Only three of the new incoming students were seventh graders.

“Saturday went very smoothly. Most of the students showed up to take their diagnostic tests. We had lots of helpers too,” Mrs. Mak explained.

The rooms used for students to present their tests were the Walton Center, classroom B101 and classroom B102. The teachers and adults supervising and directing everything were Dr. Weber, Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Petraglia, Mr. Meka, Mrs. Geco, Ms. Lomberg, Mrs. Mak, Ms. Gonzalez and Ms. Flores. They were all able to meet some of the students and got to know each other.

“I was able to meet a few of them,” Mrs. Mak stated. “My testing room had the new incoming 7th graders, and they all have siblings at Preuss already!”

The second date of Enrollment day for incoming students for the 21- 22 school year was held on Saturday, May 22nd from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.. The same procedures were taken, with the other 65 students who still needed to perform the diagnostic tests. However, different teachers were the ones supervising and directing everything.

Although Mrs. Mak wasn’t able to attend the second date for Enrollment day, she seemed pleased and happy to attend the first one.

“​I won’t be attending the next enrollment day, but I’m sure it will run similarly,” Mrs. Mak expressed. “It was fun to see some new faces of students I will be teaching next year!”