Drama Department Launches Night of Horror

As the sky grew darker, the tent looked frightful during the dark evening. As soon as students walked in, they were introduced with fog and as they got closer to the seats students were presented with spiderwebs on top of the tent and around were coffins and frogs which reflected the horror-filled night. As the films started, students were seated and ready to enjoy the films with their concession snacks that they could buy during the Fall Festival.

The Fall Festival took place on November 19 at the school tent and lasted from 5:00pm to 7:30pm. Before the student made films were featured, Preuss students at the event could participate in activities such as walking around school with friends, some students played sports and more. At 6:30pm, the films shown at the Fall Festival which created by students in Drama I, Drama II and Drama teacher Mr. Rocca.

Drama II student, Sophomore Andre Gurrola(‘24) states, “Our class worked on these films for around 2 weeks and some people did different genres and I did horror.”

Roles that the students took part in are costumes, videography and makeup. Also, some students incorporated Preuss teacher cameos in their films. An example was Mr. Arana, playing an important role as The Mummy and using paper towels as his costume to give emphasis on the Mummy look.

Fall Festival participant, Freshman, Moises Garcia(‘25) said,” I enjoyed the festival films because there were different varieties and had a great time with my friends.”

The Fall Festival showcased the students’ imagination as they presented a variety of film genres. Some students got their inspiration from famous movies, video games, etc to help them create their own version of a film and also incorporate their ideas into it. For the background scenes, the films were shot at Preuss and some at Balboa Park.

Drama II student Sophomore Miguel Santiago(‘24) declared,” Me and my group got inspiration from a video game and put our ideas into it.”

The Film Festival was more a celebration to those students in Drama classes who worked hard on their films and was a time to see their hard work on the big screen.