Valedictorian Spotlight: America Marin


Michael Grijalva

America Marin (’22)

Tracy Trinh, Podcaster

America Marin is one of the three seniors who earned the title of The Preuss School UC San Diego’s graduating class of 2022 Valedictorian. A video that all three Valedictorians collaborated on will be presented at the Graduation Ceremony on June 16, 2022.

If you attended or viewed SIR (submit intent to register) day, you got a quick glimpse of one of Preuss’ valedictorians, America Marin. She was born & raised in San Diego & has been a student at Preuss since 2015. She is now going to her dream university, Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island. She will be studying International Relations & Political Science. Ever since she was a little girl Brown was her dream university to attend once she graduated high school. As a result of Brown being on the East Coast and having an open curriculum the University caught her eye. She hopes to be part of the community at Brown and graduate with success.

“ My greatest achievement would be maintaining a perfect record of grades, ” America stated.

She acknowledges that maintaining good grades aren’t easy and she admits that she struggled sometimes to keep up.

“ Personally, I wanted to get into Brown more than achieving something here, at Preuss, “ America (22’) added.

During the interview, she reminisced on her seven years at Preuss. She mentioned the fun bus rides she had after school and the friends she met on the bus. She also mentioned that having Mr. Fulchiron as an advisory teacher was the number one thing that kept her going. She encourages future Preuss students to reach far and strive towards their dream school because in the end it will pay off.

Congratulations to America Marin and the other two Valedictorians of The Preuss School UC San Diego graduating class of 2022.