Salutatorian Spotlight: Judy Trung


Michael Grijalva

Judy Trung (’22)

Anthony Sapp

Judy Trung is one of the three Salutatorians of Preuss. She seems shy at first, but with further interviewing, it’s easily known that she has an explosive personality. Judy received the Chancellor’s Scholarship and will be attending UC San Diego in the Fall of 2022 with a major in Computer Science. Below are a couple of questions we had for Judy.

What is your greatest high school experience?

“Being able to attend the COSMOS Summer Program was something I was particularly proud of and remember the most.”

COSMOS is a UCSD hosted summer program introducing various STEM related activities. Judy specifically chose a programming class.

Was it worth trying to become Salutatorian?

“I didn’t purposely try to get the title, it was just me trying to accomplish my best in every class possible.”

Which class threatened your Salutatorian statues the most?

“Probably Spanish! The only B I ever received throughout my years at Preuss was in Middle school Spanish.”

As a non-native speaker, Spanish is one of the hardest classes to take with either Ms. Zamora or Ms. Wiedemeier. 

What do you think contributed most to your college acceptance?

“I think my extracurriculars and summer camps probably contributed most to my college acceptance. I participated in Robotics, MUN, Interact, and a bit of gardening. I also volunteered outside of Interact at the San Diego Food Bank and summer programs at UCSD”

What was the most positive experience you’ve had here at Preuss?

“Positive experience at Preuss? I guess the ‘most’ positive experience at Preuss would be the teachers and staff and friends that are always positive and supportive.”

Complete the sentence, “I will always remember…”

“I will always remember the amount of support and encouragement I received from my friends, faculty, and family, especially with Preuss being so difficult”

Judy also mentioned Mr. Rupert, Dr. Weber, and Ms. Bandy as teachers that helped her through her high school years and applying to college. 

Any advice or tips you’d give to rising juniors or seniors?

“I would say to make sure to refine and work on your writing skills because it’s the most important thing in your college apps. Grades don’t matter as much, so don’t worry too much about it.”