Salutatorian Spotlight: Lilian Huynh


Ellery Juarez

Lilian Huynh (’22)

Vy Thai, Entertainment Writer

Lilian Huynh, a senior at the Preuss School UCSD is one of the salutatorians of her class. She will be attending the University of Southern California, USC, in the fall, majoring in Human Biology. This great achievement of hers inspires family and friends close to her as well as other students on campus.

“I chose USC because they offer a lot more individualized support and resources as opposed to a big, public university.”

Being accepted to USC is a great accomplishment due to the university being a private research school as well as having an acceptance rate of 16.1%. This university is well-respected by its community and its bricky campus is beautifully unique.

As this university does not have a welcoming acceptance rate, Huynh believes that her writing, GPA, and her grades contributed most to her acceptance at this university. She hopes to complete her bachelors’ degree in human biology.

With the rigor that Preuss is known for in high school, becoming salutatorian is not an easy task. Huynh states that AP Biology threatened her position as salutatorian the most. To her surprise, becoming salutatorian was not on her to-do list.

“I wasn’t necessarily trying to become salutatorian but it’s definitely nice to be recognized and earn that achievement.”

She states that earning this recognition is her greatest high school accomplishment. Although being salutatorian is her best achievement, she takes pride in her role of being a varsity lacrosse player.

“I will always remember winning my first lacrosse game.”

From earning salutatorian to competing in lacrosse games, Huynh has had several positive experiences at Preuss. She states that her most positive experience at Preuss were the people that she met and her friends.

She also wants to mention Ms. Bandy and Ms. Ackerman as teachers who have supported her throughout her years at Preuss. Since her most challenging class is AP Biology, having support from AP Biology teachers is essential.

As a rising freshman in university, her knowledge and experiences are the truest form of advice. As she has dealt with anything from tough classes to high school drama, hearing what she overcame can be a treasure. It is important for younger classmen to hear about these experiences so they can learn from them.

“My advice would be to manage your time well and make sure to spread out the workload so it doesn’t pile up and become overwhelming.”
As Huynh will graduate high school being salutatorian, this great achievement should inspire others to do their best in school. From Huynh’s story, she is recognized for overcoming many obstacles that have allowed her to become the person she is today.