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  • The last day to buy ASB Ball tickets is February 22st. Pay the full price or make a down payment!
  • Academic support will be provided at SEA on February 24th from 9-11am.
  • Interested in law? Join the Law Day at Preuss on March 9th from 10am-12pm to explore careers in this industry.
The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

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What do Preuss Students Want For Christmas?

Barbara Guerrero
Amy Bustos (’25) handing Ashley Lopez (’24) a Christmas gift.

The long awaited holiday season is finally here and Preuss students are excited for Winter Break to begin. Whether it’s a family vacation or spending quality time with their loved ones, all students and their families celebrate the holidays differently and in their own unique way. In spite of that, everyone has something in common: they all love receiving gifts.

After a stressful couple of weeks, Senior Nathan Cherinet (‘24) longs for a pair of Black Cat Jordan 4’s. He comments, “I think these shoes will help me style my outfits on a daily basis.”

Melissa Velasco Espinoza (‘24) and Devina Lindsey (‘24) both say they would like to receive a puppy, preferably a big one. Velasco mentions, “My dream dog will always be a Husky, but I would appreciate any type of dog.”

Amor Martinez (‘26) and Jansely Flores (‘24) couldn’t come up with anything to ask for Christmas, so they just settled on receiving money and gift cards.

“I want an IPAD!” expressed Valeriz Valdez (‘25). She declares, “I believe it will help me with school and keep me entertained while I ride the trolley.”

Other students are more specific with the things they want and make lists. For example, Darlette Serrano(‘27) states, “My wish list includes shoes such as Jordans and Uggs, perfumes and clothes.”

Gael Herrera (‘24) mentions he has nothing in mind and is thankful for whatever he’ll receive. “I already have my family and my friends around me, what else can I ask for?” he exclaims.

Middle-school students are surprisingly less picky; this is what they asked Santa for Christmas.

Ruth De Los Santos (‘30) assures that all she wants for Christmas is a soccer ball to practice, even though she already has a lot in her house. She says, “I lost my favorite ball at the park the other day, and ever since then all I’ve been wishing for is a new soccer ball of the same style.”

Sarai Millan (‘28) has also made a list of all the things she wants. She would love to receive a basket with all of her favorite goods, such as chips, socks and accessories. “The main thing on my list is the Chamoy Pickle Kit. I’ve seen it all over my tiktok and I’m so excited to try it.”


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