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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

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The Long Awaited “Five Nights At Freddy’s” Movie

Yaret Bolanos (24′)
A Five Nights at Freddys Movie Promotion Poster at the Regal Theater!

Five Nights At Freddy’s was released this October 27th, 2023. Fans have been looking forward to this movie for years, as the movie is based off a popular video game franchise that gained its fame in 2014. Since the first game’s release, seven more main games have been added, along with six spin off games, by the original game maker Scott Cawthon, who happens to also direct this movie. 

Juan Refujio (‘25) states, “ I think it’s going to thrill a lot of fans including me.  I’m trying to see all of the unique characters that are from the gaming franchise and I want them to have a good character plot and I just want to enjoy watching it.”

The game’s plot has brought the attention of millions of audiences throughout the world that it convinced Scott Cawthorn to bring the game franchise into movie theaters this Halloween and more in the future. The movie focuses on the game’s plot and adds a separate twist to this gaming universe. In the games and the movie it starts off with a security guard named “Mike Schidmt” taking up a job at an abandoned family entertainment center called “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria” that showcases animatronics who dance and sing to children. Although what Mike comes to learn throughout the movie/games is that he isn’t watching over the abandoned building but the abandoned animatronics who are possessed by children spirits that went missing and were never found which caused the place to be shut down. 

Throughout the games, the animatronics only come out throughout the night but in the movie the animatronics attack at any hour of the day. During the night they do anything in their power to stop the security guard from making it out to 6 a.m. Subsequently in the sequel of the games we come to learn that most of the possessed animatronics contain the spirit of a child who chooses to seek revenge on the person who made them the way they are. 

Heidy Rodriguez states “I’ve been a fan since middle school although I was only into watching people play the game. I believe that this movie will bring in many fans in comparison to Oppenheimer.”

Through the years, Five Nights At Freddy’s content creators and fans have expressed their love for the game creatively by streaming their own liveplay to the world and bringing joy to younger and even older audiences. Before the awaited release of the movie many fans twist the game’s story to their liking. Many hardcore fans have made teaser trailers of how the movie should’ve looked like and fanfiction about the game. 

When I watched the movie I was simply ready for it to display the original story of the game like many fans were as well but as I watched it more I realized how much it matched the games books. Even though the movie did not end up how I expected it to, I still enjoyed the fact that the creator of the games Scott Cawthon made it original and unpredictable. Therefore I give the movie a solid eight for it being original, incredible details to the characters and sets, and prodigious movie casting. 

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