Top Three Songs from “The Highlights” Album by The Weeknd


Gissell Montufar

The Weeknd has multiple No. 1 hit songs.

Heaven Woldai, Entertainment Writer

The Weeknd is a professional singer and songwriter, and his career continues to grow. The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye, is one of the most successful artists in streaming music. The Weeknd has gained so many accomplishments throughout his career, like winning multiple Grammys, BET awards, AMA awards, and more. His most streamed track, “Blinding Lights,” is the most streamed track on Spotify of all time. Despite the Weeknd’s album The Highlights being made in February 2021, it is currently the number one most-played album of 2023. The Highlights, consisting of alternative R&B-based songs, is the Weeknd’s second all-time popular album and his first global album. There are 18 amazing songs on the album but here are the top 3.

1. “The Morning”
“The Morning” is a song by the Weeknd featured on his debut mixtape, House of Balloons. The song illustrates themes of love, deception, loss, and pain. It’s an emotional piece with a slow beat and an emphasized piano instrumental. The song’s backtrack produces an engaging and immersive atmosphere. The track displayed the Weeknd’s intense vocals and showcased his ability to have a range of emotions when singing. The track stands out on the album because it demonstrates a different genre in comparison to his other songs, and it displays the Weeknd’s capability to experiment with new styles and it still sounds true to his voice.

2. “Pray For Me”
The song “Pray for Me” was used and created for the movie Black Panther and even featured Kendrick Lamar. The track is R&B mixed with hip-hop and rap. The reason for such a high rank was because of the nostalgia the song gives. Being able to associate “Pray for Me” with one of the highest-ranked movies ever makes it more engaging. The song itself has great upbeat tempos that make the song energetic and have a futuristic fast-paced theme. The song is great for uplifting moods and has empowering lyrics.

3. “Call Out My Name”
The R&B, with hints of a soul track, was released on its own in 2018 and was even partially composed by the Weeknd himself. The song starts with a slow beat that transitions upbeat towards the chorus and remains upbeat throughout the song. The song is about emotional detachment and is based on his personal experiences. The Weeknd’s relation to the song allows listeners to understand the emotion put into “Call Out My Name”. The Weeknd’s vocal ability is utilized and shown through his constant high notes. The song’s lyrical creativity further enhances the enjoyment of listening to his track. The lyrical creativity is shown throughout the Weeknd’s repetition of the song title, “Call Out My Name”, in the song’s backtrack. Some great lines are,
“So call out my name (call out my name)” and “Guess I was just another pit stop, ‘Til you made up your mind, You just wasted my time”. The Weeknd easily displays his vocal ability when singing these lines as they come around the chorus and beat drops in the song. The track’s creativity and the Weeknd’s vocals being displayed is why the song is ranked highly in a playlist with various other great songs.