Mike and Abby

Mike & Abby

Hey Mike and Abby..
Uhh my first AP exam is coming up, AP AFAM (African American Studies) and I haven’t started studying yet. I’ve been doing pretty good in the class throughout the year but I still feel unprepared. I don’t know how to study and I feel like all my other friends began studying while I haven’t. I’m really scared because I NEED TO PASS. Even though I’ve done pretty well on the tests I haven’t turned in many notebooks.. So I made a deal where if I get a 3 on the exam I can pass the class. Also please tell me ways to not feel so stressed, this is honestly terrible. How can I pass my junior year when I can’t handle one AP class? Mike and Abby PLEASE HELP.
Sincerely, a procrastinating king 😜

Dear procrastination king,
Don’t be worried, there are many ways to study and great memorization tactics to prepare for your AP exam. Because your exam is on May 28th, you still have over a month to prepare, and realistically, a month is all you need. You’re already on track to passing your AP exam by just doing your class work. Some ways I suggest studying are by practicing Multiple-Choice questions, which can be found on College Board and various websites. Another way to study is by watching videos on Youtube about topics that will be focused on during the exam. There are dozens of videos specifically for reviewing the exam contents along with other AP exams. A great option can also be using Quizlet and study tools. You should also finish your notebooks since they have activities that will help you with the material on the exam! It will help you receive some credit in the class and even gain a greater understanding of each topic. AP exam season can be stressful, we recommend getting enough sleep, meditating, and doing breathing exercises. You’re going to do great on the exam—just remember to begin studying now and maintain a balanced schedule.
Sincerely, Mike and Abby

8th grade is almost over and I’m going to be in high school soon. There’s so much going on right now not to mention preparing for SLS?? And our state exams. What even is SLS..? Anyways, I’m kinda anxious about starting high school. I feel like I won’t have time to do anything anymore and school is going to be a lot harder. I always see videos on TikTok about friend groups splitting up in high school, too. Ughhh. I’M NOT READY TO LEAVE MIDDLE SCHOOL. This year has gone too fast and I just know highschool won’t be fun. I have to worry about college, joining clubs, AND GETTING GOOD GRADES??? This already seems like too much. Please help!!!!!!
Sincerely, overthinking eighth grader

Dear overthinking eighth grader,
8th grade is a fun school year but your high school years can be too! Joining clubs and other extracurricular activities isn’t so bad. You get to meet new people and as long as you’re joining clubs you enjoy, you’ll have fun no matter what. High school may be a little more rigorous but the schedule and time management are very similar. Having balance during high school will allow you to hang out with friends, have fun, travel, and still do well academically. Do not be scared, high school is where you’ll make the greatest memories with your favorite people. If you have a strong friend group right now, you will most likely remain friends. Even if you don’t, you’ll still find people to hang out with and be able to meet new people through your new classes, new students, and new clubs. Trust me, you’ll love high school, don’t be scared. By the way, your 8th-grade Exhibition, or in other words your SLS (Service Learning Showcase) will be a memory you treasure!
Sincerely, Mike and Abby