Good Reads Released in April

Vy Thai, Entertainment Writer

Spring has officially arrived, bringing calm weather and fun activities. One fun but also relaxing way to spend free time is by enjoying a new book; a good read is an exhilarating experience with multiple benefits. Besides entertainment, reading allows individuals to learn more about society as well as their own selves. With thousands of authors to choose from and several books from each, reading is an activity that will always be available for anyone and everyone.

The first good read released on April 5, 2022, is titled Memphis by Tara M. Stringfellow. This incredible novel follows a Southern Black family from the 1930s to the early 2000s. The title, Memphis, shows significance through the story twice, where one, it becomes a safe place for the family while two, it disrupts their sense of safety. The youngest in the family has a desire to change her family’s legacy. The resilient three generations of the family will experience living through love, anger, and trauma.

A second novel released on April 5, 2022, titled The Candy House was written by the brilliant author, Jennifer Egan. This mind-boggling novel takes place in 2010 where a man named Bix Bouton talks to a professor with a fascinating memory. This sparks Bouton to come up with a new technology development called “Own Your Unconscious,” where users will be able to access all of their memory as well as share them for other people’s memories. This eventful novel reveals exhilarating themes of redemption, privacy, real connection and love.

A third good-read is written by Vanessa Hua titled Forbidden City. This touching novel follows a young girl named Mei that celebrates her birthday on the eve of China’s Cultural Revolution. Mei is captured by China’s Communist Party and is expected to carry out mysterious tasks. Mei is clever and confident and she is at a high position that many women would fight for; yet she wants to escape. She climbs her way away from the other female recruits to become the Chairman’s confidante and soon, paramour. Mei’s amazing narrative touches on incredible cultural aspects, power, manipulation, and belief ideals.

These books are not only thrilling to read, they teach lessons and give readers an opportunity to experience things they can’t. Experiences through love, trauma, hardship allow readers to acknowledge that even fictional life can not be perfect. New opportunities bring new experiences and books are a door to both.

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