Euphoria Season 2 Announced

Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Writer

The second season of Euphoria was released on January 9, 2022. Unfortunately, the eager audience has to wait til every Sunday for a new episode. In EST, a new episode is released every Sunday at 9 p.m., in PST, it’s every Sunday at 6 p.m. and every episode is about an hour long. The last episode of season 2 of Euphoria will be on February 27, 2022, so be prepared.

Euphoria was delayed for two years due to COVID-19 since COVID-19 was worse two years ago since we didn’t know too much about it so the show had to make the audience wait. The show was only days in filming the second season for Euphoria season 2, unfortunately, season 2 was put on hold as a precaution.

“In response to the global emergency related to COVID-19, we are working closely with our creative teams to assess the status of each of our series in accordance with the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent, as well as local health and government officials. We will suspend production on some of our series currently filming and will delay those scheduled to start imminently. The health and safety of our employees, casts, and crews is our number one priority.” said WarnerMedia Group, HBO’s parent company in the article of Popular Tv Show Filming Halted Due to Coronavirus Originally Published on March 15, 2020, written by Sarah Midkiff on Refinery29.

Fortunately, Euphoria was finally released earlier this year. Euphoria is known to just be all over the place. What that means is that the show will always continue to have huge twists and turns that give teenagers that feeling of reality. Season 2 of Euphoria is a great show for teenagers, it is inappropriate but since it is, it does make teenagers feel like we shouldn’t be ashamed of the things we do or be ashamed about who we really are.

For example, the character Jules who is played by Hunter Schafer who is a transgender female and made it part of her character in Euphoria and it has really helped by letting people in the LGBTQ+ community not feel alone and that there’s nothing wrong with them.

The show is not for everybody, though. Again, the show does have a lot of inappropriate scenes, the show has some violence, drugs, and bad language. Though it is realistic and the actin is amazing, a good variety of parents wouldn’t really recommend the show to any young adults.

In conclusion, Euphoria is a great show for teenagers and I do recommend it and it has really blown up later after season 1 of the show. You can even watch it on HBO Max and Hulu.