New Homeless Shelter in San Diego Set to Open Soon

A homeless shelter aimed to help homeless people suffering from mental health or addiction issues has opened in San Diego. It is run by Alpha Project, which also runs two other shelters. This is be a step in the right direction to addressing the homeless problem in San Diego.

The Homeless Crisis Response System 2020 report stated that in a single night, 7,658 people were counted living either on the streets or in homeless shelters. Meanwhile, 38,023 people were reported to have used housing and services that were a part of the homeless problem. According to Voice of San Diego, San Diego is the city with the seventh largest population of homeless people in the United States. Although the city spends millions of dollars annually to tackle this problem, we are still very far from solving it.

People who arrive at the new shelter will be able to receive services from Family Health Centers of San Diego, including substance use counselors, peer support, mental health clinicians and medical consultations. Hopefully, this will effectively help people get clean and get back on their feet to have a better life.

Even before its opening, this new shelter had already had a positive effect on the area. The building it is in was formerly run down and used by homeless people to practice drug abuse.

The San Diego Union Tribune states that in terms of spending, the county has committed to dedicating $1.4 million to the shelter annually for five years and the city has committed to investing $2.1 million annually to the shelter.

However, as good news as this may be, it is not a complete solution to homelesness. According to the San Diego Union Tibune, San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher recognized this, saying, “This step alone will not end homelessness in San Diego, but we are doing everything we possibly can to meet the need of our community.”

While initiatives such as these are aimed to help existing homeless, they do little to prevent homelessness. This is an issue that has a multitude of causes, and each of those causes have to be addressed individually.
Fixing the homelessness isn’t just about getting people off the streets. It’s about preventing drug abuse, especially in youths, providing financial support to those who need it, supporting veterans and helping them readjust to society, providing quality education, and more.

Regardless, as previously mentioned, this is a step in the right direction.