Preuss Insider Introduces Remote Resources Page for Students

Due to school closures this 2020-2021 school year, the Preuss School journalism class will begin publishing The Preuss Insider online, which includes a resource page. The students can resort to this website in order to find SEA/tutoring links, the newspaper, special event dates, and even class schedules.

The Pruess Insider’s website will have a tab called “Remote Resources” which features resources that will be available for the school to access. Many students can use this webpage to easily access school/ class schedules, news regarding upcoming events, and other resources.

School being moved online has led to everything being distributed through links and online documents, so having a section of the newspaper dedicated to important resources for school everyday will facilitate daily activities for students.

“Last year, when the school announced that we wouldn’t be going to school for the two weeks before spring break, I was relieved because they assigned homework due three weeks later, we didn’t have to attend zoom meetings or constantly turn in assignments.” says Christopher Santiago (‘21). “The way we complete school and our academic requirements has definitely changed since then.”

“It would be great for me to have, like, a digital folder where I could find all of the important links that I would need to access through a school week, ” continues Santiago.

The Preuss Insider has also made a change to how the newspaper is presented. The Preuss School writers will continue to write and publish through their website despite the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic.The Preuss School’s newspaper can now be accessed through the The Preuss Insider website. Co- Editor in chief, Lucia Cataño, talks about how the newspaper has changed due to the pandemic.

“Due to remote learning, journalism had to adapt as well. Journalism has always produced a physical newspaper, but that wasn’t really an option anymore, so we opted for a website. There is something really pleasant about a physical newspaper, but I think that the website allows new opportunities. Journalism can produce content more efficiently and we also have the opportunity to make more digital content like videos if we wanted.”

This is a new opportunity for the students of Preuss to better adjust and get organized as they prepare for an extended remote learning situation. As co- editor in chief Lucia says, “I can’t wait to see everything that will be done with the website in the years to come.”