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The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

The Student News Site of The Preuss School

The Preuss Insider

New Pride of Preuss member receiving their awards.
Preuss Faculty Select New Pride of Preuss 
Rayan Dahir, Design • June 17, 2024

As the new 24-25 school year is around the corner, the current Pride of Preuss is graduating and welcoming in the new Pride of Preuss at the...

Preuss Holds the Final SEA of the Year
Rediet Neme, School News Writer • June 5, 2024
Prom Season Hits the Preuss School UCSD
Stacy Rosales, School News Writer • May 15, 2024
Senior Swag Dazzles Preuss Campus
Rediet Neme, School News Writer • May 13, 2024
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Priscila Ambriz
Priscila Ambriz
Entertainment Writer

Senior Clubs/organizations? → None Hobbies? → Reading and watching tv! Favorite Season? → Winter Place you'd like to visit? → France Dream job? → Unsure

Blen Fantaw (27)
Blen Fantaw

Freshman Clubs/organizations? → Church congregation Hobbies? → I like to swim and watch movies Favorite season? → Winter Place you'd like to visit? → I would want to...

Julius Molina
Julius Molina
Editorial Writer

freshman  Clubs/organizations? → none Hobbies? → I like to run, write about up stories, or cooking. Favorite Season? → Fall Place you'd like to visit? →  NYU, Paris,...

Senior Spotlight: Tracy Trinh

Tracy Trinh (’24) updating the mental health themed glass case on campus.

Tracy Trinh is a senior of the 2024 graduating class. Trinh has been involved in many clubs such as Tsunami, Speech and Debate, and is the podcast editor in Journalism. She spends most of her time going out with her friends and with her dogs. She is a determined and genuine person that has committed to the California State University, San Marcos, and will be majoring in Child Development.  

Q: What is the main reason  you chose the college you are attending ?

A: “I was actually in between two colleges. I planned to go to Fullerton, since that’s the college I was set on. But then, when I went to fill out the housing application, they had already run out of dorm space after only two days. I decided to join the waitlist for a dorm. I chose CSUSM the same day we had to commit to a college. Also, if I go to San Marcos, I get paid to attend.”

Q: What are you most excited for in the next upcoming years? 

A: “I think I’m most excited for the freedom that we are going to have because we chose the class we take. For example, instead of English it could be creative writing. Also I get to choose the timing of the classes I take.”

Q: What are you planning on pursuing?

A: “At first, I applied to schools that majored in nursing. I want to be a nurse, specifically a pediatrician or in the NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I like working with kids and babies. However, I changed my major to child and adolescent development.” 

Q: What advice would you give for upcoming seniors?

A: “You really have to take research seriously and it’s actually really important. The teacher gives a schedule, like an outline, and it’s okay to be a little late, like a week, but not too far. It’s for a grade and a requirement to graduate. It prepares seniors for college and teaches you how to write a well structured research paper and to find credible sources.”

Q: What motivated you throughout highschool?

A: “My advisory kept me motivated. We’re close like family and I have no problem talking to anyone in advisory. Also, my advisory teacher, Mrs. V, has impacted all of us so much and I can tell that she really cares about the class. Having someone, a teacher, to care about you and that cares that you are showing up to school matters if you don’t have that support from your family. Also, I will be the first to be graduating out of my family, so I use that motivation to inspire my younger siblings.”

Q: What did you learn from Preuss that you think is unique to only Preuss?

A: “AP classes are mandatory and teachers actually care. Our school is very involved in college admissions and they care all about your future. Since we are the first generation, teachers are more likely to guide and to favor our future.”

Q: What will you miss most about Preuss/high school?

A: “My friends. I think about this a lot and I’m going to miss my friends a lot. Seve, years of school and I’ve grown up with the same group of friends for all those years. I think that they’ve made a big impact on me and shaped me to who I’ve become. I’m grateful to have them as my friends and I’m going to miss that. I know I’ll make friends in college but I’ve also made lifelong friends at Preuss.”

Q: What is the most difficult thing about high school?

A: “I think staying motivated throughout high school is difficult. It’s hard to balance school life and social life because we get home so late and we sometimes have to do extracurricular activities on the weekends. Preuss prepares students for college and life so it’s a big commitment.”

Q: What opportunities at Preuss do you think are underrated and that everyone should take advantage of? 

A: “I think the knowledge that the teachers have about college application and to use the resources offered at Preuss. Like Ms. Bandy, she got a lot of us through college applications.”

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