Nicole’s Trifecta Of Inspirational Women


Nicole Tran, Editor-in-Chief

March is not only the month when Spring returns, but also the month where we celebrate inspirational women. In honor of Women’s History Month, I will be explaining three women who inspire me everyday: author Helen Hoang, K-Pop idol Rosé from BLACKPINK, and BookTuber and BookToker Steph Bohrer.

Author Helen Hoang is the first of my three inspirational women because of the impact of her writing and the reliability of them. Hoang is the author of The Kiss Quotient trilogy that I reviewed previously. In the series, there is a heavy emphasis on exploring the mind of an autistic person. I took this theme and connected to it, which allowed me to grow as a person, as someone who is also autistic and deals with a lot of struggles that was shown in the book trilogy. I look up to her for being able to write about her experiences in a way where it would be able to be understood by a general audience. Her experiences have made me want to do better and not doubt myself emotionally.

Member of K-Pop band BLACKPINK, Roseanne “Rosé” Park is the second of my three inspirational women because of her determination to achieve her dreams. Before debuting with BLACKPINK in 2016, she dreamt of becoming a musician. After passing every round of her current agency’s audition, she had to endure years of training. During the training period, many trainees leave the company because of its strict restrictions on diet, sleep, and many other aspects of normal life. Park finally debuted in 2016 with three other members of BLACKPINK, they became one of the biggest girl groups in K-Pop history. Rosé inspires me to pursue my dreams of being a teacher without the need to worry about what other people are going to say because as long as I enjoy it, there should be nothing more to say.

BookTuber and BookToker Steph Bohrer is the third and final of my three inspirational inspirational women because of her shamelessness in doing something outside of her comfort zone. Bohrer is a Arizona State University law graduate. In spite of her prestigious degree in law, she started her BookTube channel in sharing her reading journey through several genres, her most well known being romance. Although she reads as a hobby, her educational backgorund differs from what she is doing now. Bohrer inspires me by being a source of comfort when reading in my downtime by recommending novels that have been highly recommended but also those I have not heard of before.

Women figures are important for not only other women, but everyone else because of the impact they have in our lives. Although my examples connect to me, many people look up to various figures that help them in several ways. Inspirational women figures can range from celebrities, family members, and even your teachers. Impacts of women figures can include a change in perspective, career path, and habits. To celebrate Women’s History Month, do some self-reflection and discover different women figures you look up to and celebrate them this month!