Preuss Students Celebrate Mother’s Day

As we bring the school year to a close it is important that we acknowledge one very important day, Mother’s Day. While May is defined by the looming presence of AP tests, SATS, and finals, Preuss students are taking the time to put those things aside to celebrate the women who support us through our college bound journey, our Mothers. Whether students are celebrating Sunday, May 9th or May 10th, students have plenty of events planned to honor our Preuss moms on their special day.

The multicultural club hosted a meeting dedicated to Mother’s Day. Students shared what they planned on doing on Mother’s Day and they used this time to create some homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

“This club meeting will be dedicated to brainstorming Mothers Day gifts, we are hoping to also take the time to have a crafting session,” stated Mariana Arevalo (‘22).
“I’m planning on making a nice breakfast for my mom and buying her a drink from a cafe,” shared Xochitl Garcia (‘22).

Many of our Preuss students are thanking their mothers by stepping into the kitchen. From pancakes to enchiladas, our students have been taking the saying, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach,” very seriously. However, we do not all share the same culinary skills as them.

“We talked about making mason jars filled notes and candy or coupon books,” said Briseida Aparicio (’22).

Some of the students have taken to some DIY videos and crafting websites to celebrate Mothers. During the multicultural club meeting students shared some of their finished products such as a scrapbook with pictures, a candy jar with little family pictures, a decorated picture frame, and a mason jar with candy.

“I’m going to make my mom her favorite dessert and spend the day with her,” stated Ileana Garcia (‘22).

While everyone loves a good gift, many students understand the importance of quality time and took the time to spoil their mothers on their day. From cooking and baking to quality time, students have been planning how they will celebrate their moms and I can’t wait to do the same.