Seniors Prepare to Celebrate National College Decision Day

The advisory teachers of Preuss are prepared to host after school Zoom celebrations from Tuesday, April 27th to Friday, April 30th in honor of the Class of 2021 announcing the college or university they plan to attend in the fall.

This year National College Decision Day takes place on Saturday, May 1st. This means all around the country, students who were admitted to the schools they applied to must choose one, and complete their Statement of Intent to Register. Although Preuss seniors will go through the same process, they will have an assigned date by which they should be ready to announce.

Senior advisory teacher Dr. Weber explains, “The reason we chose next week is because the last official day to return your Statement of Intent to Register at a university is May 1st. It’s actually known as ‘SIR Day’ nationally. So, we tried to time our events with that date. ​We’ve actually only celebrated SIR Day for a few years at Preuss. I love that we all get to see and celebrate this 7-year journey and where it has taken you.”

Celebrating in a different way than other graduating classes because of the pandemic, the class of 2021 will be logging onto their computers to join their advisory class Zoom meeting along with the counselors to present their decorated flags and announce what school they plan to attend this upcoming school year. Students are conflicted between holding the event online versus in person.

Kathie Ruiz (‘21) remarks, “I don’t wish it was in person. I think it’s nice that more teachers and staff can be included and have it be personalized for each advisory class.”

Christopher Santiago (‘21) disagreed, saying, “I really do wish to be celebrating in person, not to sound too entitled, but I know I’ve worked too hard and sacrificed a lot just to watch my accomplishments on a slideshow.”

It is an exciting time for students, but the day does hold a lot of significance which can cause mixed emotions about announcing where they are planning to attend next year. There is also a lot of ambivalence over graduating and leaving Preuss.

Maritere Delgado (‘21) explains, “I am scared, but excited to graduate. It feels weird because we weren’t in class physically our senior year and we missed out on all the activities we looked forward to, but at least we’re getting a graduation! I still feel like a junior and forget I’m graduating soon and will be on my own. These circumstances have shown me how strong we all are to keep pushing through!”

Quote: Santiago reports, “I am scared for Wednesday. I have not told any of my friends where I will be going but I am also excited to announce. I am hoping to surprise teachers and recommenders! Overall I am happy to be leaving Preuss and starting a new chapter, but I am so used to this routine that it makes change intimidating.” While others like Ruiz are excited to graduate and start an independent life, seeing as they have been at Preuss for seven years, “I just want to graduate already, we’ve been at Preuss for so long. I actually don’t want people to know where I’m going, or know what I’m majoring in.”

Quote: The senior advisory teachers are feeling the same way as the students, Dr. Weber describes, “​I am like a parent: proud and terrified. This day means that “my kids” have done it! They have reached a goal and have set their eyes on the next one. But I’m also scared: how will they do? how will they be treated? will they flourish or will they struggle? It’s also kind of sad because this family that you have come to know and love as your own won’t be a part of your “everday” anymore. But nothing can replace how wonderful it is to see them begin the next phase of their life journey.”

Ending: This year has been a new experience for all of the seniors considering their whole year was done over Zoom, but the students are excited to celebrate all of their accomplishments with each other and their teachers. Graduation is only seven weeks away, and the students are ready to start a new chapter in their lives in the fall.